Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Rosalynn's birthday tea party ♥

To celebrate dear Rosalynn's birthday, we met at Ladurée with Sandra, Marie, Tro-tro, Cheiko and Camélia (Mila and Aliénor were missing but they were in our hearts for sure ♥)

Instead of going to their Champ-Elysées tea room, we decided to go to the one in Saint-Germain-Des-Prés which was supposed to be less crowded but we still had to wait outside for a bit.

As soon as a table was available, we could finally get inside. In fact, their main salon was closed that day, that's probably why it was much more crowded than usual.
We didn't have much space for a while but we managed somehow, I guess?

Since all this was back in December (I knooow, it was something like 3 months ago), Ladurée had nice holidays special additions to their menu! I wanted to have a delicious Saint-Honoré rose framboise (like almost everytime I go there) but it wasn't on their menu anymore! I wasn't ready for that, instead I went for a Buchette Royale with was basically chocolate, on chocolate, 
with more chocolate and it was delicious ♥ Oh and I got a pot of hot chocolate, in case I was missing some!

I was so happy to see all those wonderful people for such a nice occasion!
Ah, I really miss this kind of small meetups but I almost have no time lately thanks to my studies...

Friends, delicious pastries, tea and chats about firefighters in harnesses (what?) made it a lovely afternoon ♥

Birthday girl with her Ispahan !
We attempted to take a group instax picture ♥

We met a nice lady right in front of Ladurée, she was playing Pokémon Go and saw us haha!
She asked for a picture  she said we looked a bit like Kyary, haha! Thank you ♥ 

Picture by @kisoseri6 on Instagram

Sadly, I was too lazy to take proper outfit shots but Tro-Tro did, 


Rosalynn and I decided to stop by the AP store to take a few pictures before getting back home.
They were preparing an in store event for the evening so it was already closed but we enjoyed the front so much it wasn't a problem. Best background to take outfit pictures when you're wearing almost head-to-toe AP is a pink AP store, of course ♥  Basically living the AP dream!

**pinching the cheeks cause waaay to cute ♥**

I love the mint-pink combo of this picture!

I was wearing:
JSK, blouse, headbow, and OTKs: Angelic Pretty,
Shoes: Bodyline
Acessories: Angelic Pretty, 6%Dokidoki, and offbrand.

Right after taking those pictures, we had to go back to my place. It was almost time for Rosalynn to go back home. I was so sad to see her go already but I've had such a nice time with by her side ♥ 
Come back soon, dear!~ 

I almost forgot...


See you soon and 

take care until next time ♥ 


  1. I'm a plus sized girl and I was wondering where I can find pretty clothes like these in my size.

  2. Many of these clothes have shirring, you can find more information here http://egl-plus.livejournal.com/771749.html (this post is a bit old, though). You also have a plus size friendly category on the second-hand shop Lacemarket https://egl.circlly.com/auctions/search?q[auction_status]=active&q[sizing_notes][]=Plus-Size%20Friendly ! I hope this can help you ♥