Thursday, July 28, 2016

♥ Angelic Pretty Paris GRAND OPENING 7/7 ♥

As you might already know, the new Angelic Pretty store in Paris opened few week ago and of course I HAD to be there ! (And YES, it's a permanent store!) My beloved Roxane came to my place the day before so we could wake-up really early, dress-up and go to the store (really early as well) together ♥

How exciting! We barely slept because poor life decisions eh, who needs sleep?
I won't tell you how early we woke-up because you're all gonna juge us but we were standing (more like sitting) in line at 06:30 AM. Yes, I told you...  Poor life decisions.
We arrived in front of the store and riiight after Hécate and Lily joined us.
We started talking and we realized standing for maybe 4 hours was going to be way too much so... 

We grabbed some cardboard boxes and sat on them, but hey genuine AP boxes so it's ok, am I right ? How infortunate I don't have any pictures but we were the true burando hobos, yes we have no shame.
More people showed up little by little, grabbed a box and sat with us because why not! 

Soon the staff arrived and they gave us tickets with numbers like expected. It was quite funny (or even a bit embarrassing) because they didn't speak a word of French or English but somehow we managed and lined up to receive our tickets. 
Roxane and I got No. 1 and No. 2 yaaaay~ 


When we all got our tickets, we decided to move to the nearest Starbucks to sit in a more decent way and have (a second) breakfast. After a while, Sandra, Roxane and I decided to go to Tuileries Garden to enjoy the sun and how few people there are at such early hours (truly amazing!)
We started taking some outfit pictures and soon everybody was here!

Silly me doing my best...

Thank you Sandra for those pictures ♥ 

I didn't got pictures of everybody but believe me, I tried!
So many happy smiles~


We didn't stay long because it was almost opening time and we were the very firsts of the queue !
Once back in front of the shop for waiting part 2, we spied Mila working with the other staff members on last minute adjustments and waving at us. Roxane's mom joined us and soon Mayumi and Mila welcomed us and explained us a few things as they started checking our tickets AND THE DOOR OPENED FOR US AAAH ♥

I was so excited I forgot to take pictures of the queue and no pictures are allowed inside the shop but Angelic Pretty Paris posted some on their facebook page so here they are!

The shopping was intense! So many pretty things, it was really difficult to choose! 
My heart stopped for the Wrapping Cherry lavender special set, the Summer girl happy pack (I got it in pink) aaaand the Tea Time headbow (pink as well, duh) I will probably wear it everyday from now on ~ 

Once my shopping was done, I waited outside for Roxane and her mom, I met with lots of wonderful people ♥ I stayed with Sandra (who was faster than me at shopping) and Marie who was still waiting to get inside the shop. Lou was also here ! When Roxane finally go out (with a huuuuge AP bag) we decided to go to Aki because food was very much needed and Marie had to wait for a long moment so why not waiting while eating? 

Salmon onigiris and iced matcha latte was the perfect meal for this hot day ♥
Once eating and resting time was over, we headed back to the store so Marie could spend some money too! I feel like throwing money at AP will be everybody's favorite hobby from now on, it will probably be mine at least!

Also, it was the perfect moment to take some pictures of the store because almost everybody was already gone or shopping inside (see how packed it was ?)

Beware, the demoniac poodle is watching you!
If you ever go to Angelic Pretty Paris, you'll see how many derpy/demoniac vintage toys they have, 
I really love them !

We waited for Mila to have her lunch break at 03:00 and went back to Aki to spend some time with her while she was eating ♥ 
But that's not how this lovely day ended, part 2 will be here soon!

See you soon and 
take care until next time ♥ 


  1. LOVED reading this!
    But I am a little disappointed there are no pictures of the box camping...

    1. Aww ♥ I was a little disappointed too, I was pretty sure we took some pictures but it seems like we didn't .___."

  2. Oh mon dieu, quand je vois tes photos, la seule chose que je me dis c'est que je pourrais mourir après avoir vu ce magasin de mes yeux vu *_*

    Vous avez bien fait de vous lever si tôt pour un événement pareil *_* et vous étiez toutes si magnifique OMFG <3

    1. Viens VIENS mais ne meurs pas après, hein ! ♥
      (Je peux te dire qu'on regrette pas du tout notre nuit d'à peine 1h)
      Huhu merci ♥