Sunday, October 5, 2014

♥ NEWS: Shooting with Angelic Pretty ♥

Back in July, when Angelic Pretty was in Paris, I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity...
Purely by chance, Haley and I got asked to model for AP's upcoming releases !!
We were shopping happily in the pop-up store when it happened and it definitely doesn't seemed real at all ♥
I was happy and exited enough at the mere idea of meeting the Angelic Pretty girls and Misako Aoki,
but when on the day of the opening AP staff came to Haley and I offering to model for the brand...

It sounded really crazy !! This is even bigger than every single one of my dreams!!
There was two days left until the shooting, two days of "OH MY F***ING GOD!!", and you know fangirling all around and being doubtful about myself...
Do I really deserve this unbelievable chance ? What if I'm not good enough and ruin everything ?! What if I disappoint them ?!  I was at the same time overjoyed and anxious ...

So the following day was the day of Angelic Pretty's tea party, we talked about the shooting with the staff during the tea party and arranged everything! We did quietly and had to keep it secret!

And finally, the next day was day the shooting!!  I was so happy yet excited and I remember waking-up suuuper early (about 5h20) and one of my first thoughts was "Ok, was it a dream or am I really about to model for Angelic Pretty?!
About 9h15, I was already in the pop-up store but since our appointment was around 9h30~10h00, I waited in the shop, looking at all the pretty items ♥ Asuka and Mrs. Ando quickly welcomed me and offered me a seat and a drink, she told me we had to wait for Maki , Kasano Takamura the photographer, and Haley of course.

picture from Putumayo's twitter 

Misako was already here, getting ready for her shooting for Putumayo! She welcomed me with a warm smile, I was so impressed when she called me moderu-chan, I'm sure I even blushed a lot ! 

Soon Asami Haraguchi, the hair and make-up artist, appeared and began to make-up Misako.
When I arrived to the shop, all the make-up and hairdressing tools were already set on a table in front of a big mirror. I wish I had all those at home ♥ 

Yet, Maki arrived followed by Haley! After welcoming everyone, Maki and Asuka started explaining us the day and went to get the dresses, accessorizes and everything for our first photo session outfits.

Haley got Melty Ribbon Chocolate and I got Sweet Girl Room, Asukua told us very proudly it was the new collection !! I immediately fell in love with the Sweet Girl Room OP, I knew I needed that dress in my life ♥ (And now I have it HA!) 

After that, we got dressed-up and Haley was the first one to pass through the hands of the make-up artist! When it was my turn, I was amazed by her skills and tried to learn as much as I could!! 
The complete metamorphosis was pretty amazing and very funny ~ Then, it was time to put accessories on our hair, Mrs. Honda was around helping Maki and Asuka, she was so funny! 

Around 12h if I remember well, the photographer, Maki, Asuka, Mrs. Honda, Mrs. Ando, Haley and I headed to the Jardin du Palais Royal to take the first pictures.
I was so nervous! I'm sure Haley was almost as nervous as I was. 
She was the first one to strike the pose, she seemed so confident and was so pretty posing!!
It was really motivating to see her posing first!

We came back to the pop-up store to change outfits when the first pictures were done, but the store was open with customers inside!! And guess who? My friend Roxane was here !!
Unfortunately I couldn't get to speak to her or even seeing her decently. I was wearing a super secret print (Maki ans Asuka were hiding the dresses) and had to get ready for the other pictures.

We went quickly downstairs to get ready, Misako was here getting ready as well. She was wearing a boy-ish outfit with beautiful round sunglasses. She was so sweet with us, we got a lot of compliments from her (blushing to death again I guess.. ^^")

Asuka helped us removing our dresses and wearing the new ones: Cameo Window for Haley and Loyal Rosette for me. Once again, Asuka offered us a drink, Japanese sweets and other things to eat. Make-up and hair adjustments, and let's go~ 

This time, we went near the Galleries which are also near the Palais Royal. The whole neighborhood is pretty amazing there, I think it's my favorite area in Paris ♥  Again, Haley posed first. A lot of people gathered around "-What's going on? -Is this for a movie or something ?" The staff kindly told them no picture was allowed  and explained it was for a Japanese fashion brand.

Then I posed near a beautiful and old book shop, I felt a bit anxious again but only at the very beginning. After that, I felt so comfortable and confident about myself, I was pretty amazed cause I never felt this way. I'm pretty sure that's the Loyal Rosette berret power!!

We took one (well, to be honest we took A LOT of "last one pictures") last picture before leaving Gallerie Vivienne, Mrs. Honda insisted to take some with us with her camera too !!
We came back to the shop and I got emotional again cause AP girls were very thankful to us.

After we changed to our own clothes, we talked with Maki and Asuka and thanked them for everything and we even received little gifts!  To receive greetings and warm thankyous from people you admire is pretty amazing, really ♥

Sharing time with all of them was pretty awesome too, I can't wait to see them again !
I almost cried, this was one of the most amazing days of my life so far even if I was dying inside the Loyal Rosette OP during the shooting

One thing I and so thankful about is to have been able to tell everyone how much I admire and love their work and of course to have a chance to be a small part of it ♥
Seeing us on AP's homepage and on KERA a few weeks after was a kind of proof of the realness of all this, so I even get more emotional !!

I remember before leaving the shop, Haley and I wanted to buy something (again), like one more souvenir form this amazing day, and we did! ♥ 

I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for reading!
See you ♥ 


  1. What an amazing sounding day! You looked absolutely lovely in the photos- I especially liked the Sweet Girl Room coordinate paired with your hair~♥

    1. Oh thank you so much ♥
      Sweet Girl Room was my favorite too, I'm really happy to own that print now ^^

  2. What a great opportunity to model for your Angelic Pretty *_* You look really pretty!

    1. Thank you ~
      It was really amazing to model for them *o*

  3. OMG tu m'étonnes que c'était l’opportunité du siècle!
    et franchement, je l'ai dis partout autour de moi: tu fais une modèle AP absolument formidable!
    j'ai adorté la tenue tartan (vraiment, t'es magique dedans!)
    et Haley en brun, c'est juste oqidefujoiqgj,qkogf!

    j'aurai voulu qu'il y ai plus de photooooss et plus de tennuuuess (je vous veux comme modèles attitrées pour eux, sioupléééé!) <3 mais celles ci ravissent déjà mon petit coeur <3

    1. Trop d'amour pour mon petit cœur là ♥
      Merci beaucoup, ça me touche énormément que je sais même plus quoi t'écrire là ( ; v ; ) ~ ♥
      (Je t'avoue que je rêve secrètement d'être leur modèle attitrée, pour que Maki et Asuka me tripotent les cheveux pour toujours!! ** Et je suis sure que Haley aussi!!)


  4. nnnnh la jalousiiiiie x) t'es trop minonne dans la Sweet Girl Room ! La pemière photo est trop bien ! ♡_♡

    1. Fufuufuuu haa merci ♥ C'est la Sweet Girl Room qui est trop mignonne *0*

  5. Very beautiful dresses!! ^____^

    恵美より ♥

    1. AP makes the prettiest dresses, right ? ♥
      I'm so happy I had the chance to model both dresses ^^