Friday, September 12, 2014

♥ NEW ITEM : Sweet Girl Room OP ♥

Hi lovelies ♥ 

Yesterday, I got a phone call while I was taking my friend to the train station (she went to Paris to spend a few days with me but those few days went by so fast!). It was the delivery man !! 
I thought to myself... "WHAAAAT ?! ALREADY THERE?! \(*w*)/ ~♪ "

The delivery was so fast, I wasn't expecting the parcel to be here until next week! Anyway, my boyfriend was home so he took delivery for me! The way back home was intense, I was so impatient to open it!  So once back home, I opened the door squeaking and finally go my hands on my new dress : Angelic Pretty's Sweet Girl Room OP in pink ♥    

YES! It's finally mine! I've been waiting so long for this moment~ 
Since the first time I saw this print I knew it had to be mine! 
Plus, it's the first dress I modeled for Angelic Pretty so the sentimental value is pretty huge ! 
(Well, I modeled the ivory one but when I saw they were going to release it in pink too,
I felt for the pink one ♥ )
Then, when I was about to order it, the pink dress was sold out/made to order so I had to wait till early September. Luckily, once my shopping service received the dress, they send it to me super quickly! (I used fromjapan, you'll find a link in my sidebar )

Here comes the pictures !! 
I can't wait to wear it, I already have a lot of coordinations ideas!

The fabric is as soft as I remember and the print is even prettier in pink to me! I'm so happy to have this dress in my closet now, I told Maki, Asuka and Mrs. Honda I was going to buy it, and I did haha ♥

Thank you for reading and see you soon~ 


  1. So cute! I can't wait to see your coordinates~ ♥

    1. Thanks! ♥ I wore it to some pictures in Paris today, I'll post them soon !!