Tuesday, September 2, 2014

♥ A Day with Roxane ♥

Two weeks ago, I spent a day in Bayonne with my dear friend Roxane
It's been forever since last time we saw each other so I was really happy ~ 
Well, in fact I saw her veeery quickly in Angelic Pretty pop-up store in Paris in July but I couldn't really talk to her since I was modeling for some super-secret-and-new-prints (Loyal Rosette and Sweet Girl Room) for AP. Maybe I'll be doing a post about that too ? This week was, in fact, very busy... ♥ 

We arrived downtown in the afternoon, just after the lunch. I didn't remember the town well, I only lived in the area till I was about four, so ... I let you guess. Roxane shown me the town and then we started eating. Basically, the day was about eating, talking and taking pictures ! 
We went to a pretty candy shop called Candy's and had delicious smoothies! 
Mine was strawberries, lemon and fresh mint! 
Oh, weird people came to us while we were sitting there, taking pictures without even asking (or waiting for our answer (which is nearly the same thing...) But a friendly Spanish couple asked very kindly, they took pictures of us, and asked for our email address to send it. I can't wait to see it!  

Then, we went to Cazenave to talk a lot too and have tea and chocolate ! 
Their salon was very pretty with a lot of mirrors and stained glass. Oh and a delicious chocolate smell!
Roxane chose Jasmine tea and I took their famous "chocolat mousseux" ♥ 
It was sooo delicious, maybe the best chocolate I ever tasted ! And homemade of course, with whipped cream !~ 

On that occasion, I put up a very quick and casual coord with my beloved Cosmic!
Please, take a look at Roxane's post to see her adorable coord with her Royal Chocolate JSK! ~ ♥  
Now, it's the outfit rundown part of the post, enjoy my typical "I-look-like-a-4-y/o" face.
The following pictures were taken by Roxane.

JSK: Angelic Pretty
Cardigan: Second-hand
Accessories: Angelic Pretty, Nile Perch, Mello and from my childhood
Stockings: Off brand
Shoes: Creamy Mami

Well I took this one~ 

Thanks to Roxane for this lovely day ~
See you ♥ 


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