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♥ REPORT: Angelic Pretty Tea Party in Paris (2014) ♥

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Angelic Pretty Tea Party in Paris and Harajuku Walk ♥ 

The precious ticket, it has a Kira Imai illustation on the other side~ 
So yes, I'm kinda late again ... ^^' 
Last month, Angelic Pretty held a tea party in Paris, in le Bristol. The same day and a few hours before, Putumayo held a tea party too in a cute tea salon in Galerie Vivienne and so between the two events, both brands organized a "Harajuku Walk in Paris".

At lot of lolitas and harajuku fashion lovers gathered to Galerie Vivienne this day and it was a real pleasure to see all this beautiful people walk along familiar streets!

Maki, Asuka, Ms. Honda, Misako Aoki were here too! I wish I took pictures during the walk but I was to busy speaking with friends and enjoying ♥

So this was my very first tea party and my very first time in a Parisian palace too!I have very fond memories about all this, dverything was so pretty! I really felt like a princess in a big castle with lots of other princesses ! (and somehow, when I went back home, I felt like a peasant...   I can't imagine how many times larger is the hotel reception than my little apartment... )

The following pictures belong to Kawaii-PATEEN, the square ones are mine.
Group picture at the Opéra after the walk! 

And group picture during the tea party! 

With Haley! ~ (I don't remember where I found this pic,
tell me if it's yours and I'll credit you! I edited the colors.)
    I didn't won anything during the raffle so I got the consolation the consolation prize: an AP x Kera poster! The poster is now hanging on my bedroom's wall with the AP and Putumayo flyers. As the tea party ticket and the flyer, the poster shows the perfect Crystal Dream Carnival!

Like during the Walk, I was too busy talking and pigging myself with no shame (I don't know if I'll have another chance to taste delicious patisserie from Le Bristol again so...) I almost have no pictures. I wish I talked to more people 

Also, every guest got an adorable Fantasy Theater pouch! I got the red one and I currently use it as a make-up pouch, it's quite perfect and cute ! 

Seems like I was dramatically praying to the God of Frills...

JSK: Angelic Pretty
Blouse and socks: Offbrand
Accessories: Angelic Pretty, Barbie, H&M
Shoes: Bodyline

CAAAAAKE! This one was my favorite
and looked like a strawberry!
So happy about this!

I recently fond out about this valentine on LJ and my heart melted ♥ 
I'm not on LJ so sorry for not answering but... 
Whoever you are thank you and I'm sure I happy to have met you too cause I do for all the people I've met this summer !! Its means a lot to me, after all I'm pretty new to the lolita community. I've been watching the community for years and now that I realize I'm a part of it, 
I can't express how joyful I am, thank you !! ♥ 

With Maki and Asuka ♥

Thank you for reading and see you soon~ 

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