Wednesday, July 1, 2015

♥ DAILY LIFE : Angelic Pretty Paris 2015 Pop-up store opening! ♥

As you may already know, Angelic Pretty is back to Paris for a week (like they did last summer) and they opened their pop-up store yesterday around 12:00 with Putumayo.
We (MarieMila and Roxane) decided to meet-up around 09:00, just to be sure to be in the first to enter the holy shop ♥ 
Miyu and Mei were already here so we joined them too !

We had to wait for a few hours, talking, laughing and of course taking tons of pictures (also, I need to steal some pictures to show everybody's outfits), making our plans and talking about 
what we wanted to get.
Also, we spent so much time staring at what inside the shop (Misty Sky, I'm looking at you ♥)
Misty Sky, Milky Cross, Shadow Dream Carnival, Castle Mirage, Fantastic Carnival and more were quietly waiting for us !  



Right after we were given our precious tickets ( I got NO.5! ) we stopped by Aki to have 
delicious cakes, rest a little bit and enjoy indoor temperature.
When we came back, Maki, Asuka and Hasegawa the Putumayo designerjoined the queue to take some picutres. Soon after, we finally entered inside the shop and everyone was like crazy !
I don't even know how long we stayed inside the shop ! 

Madatory pictures with Maki and Asuka ♥ I was so happy to see them again !
Mme Honda wasn't here at that time but later when we were walking in the street in front 
of the shop we saw her at the window. She was busy talking on the phone but she did waved 
at us with a big smile ♥ 

Making a decision inside the shop was way too difficult but since pink is my favorite color,
I ended with pink items ♥

The day ended with a drink at Kawaii Café with friends. Basically we complained about the heat and taking about the upcoming events because this week is gonna be the hotest here in Paris so we're all gonna melt under our frills !

And here comes my outfit for the day ~

JSK and barette : Angelic Pretty
Blouse : Zara
Socks : Angelic Pretty 
Shoes : An*Tai*Na
Accessorizes : Gifts 
Bag : Angelic Pretty (freshly bought from the pop-up store!)

See you soon and 
take care until next time ♥ 


  1. You looked so so cute! I can't wait to read about the events this weekend and can only hope I can try to join you next year!

    1. Thank you ! Your comments always are so nice <3 I will be so happy if you could join us next year !

  2. Ugh you looked just too cute! >o< <3