Tuesday, July 14, 2015

♥ DAILY LIFE : Welcoming Rosalynn ! ♥

On Thursday July 2nd, I was super excited because Rosalynn was coming to Paris on that day and she was about to stay at my place till the end of the week ! 
I was truly happy to spend so much time with her ♥ We only met like a year ago but I feel really close to her, she's a great friend an absolute sweet heart ♥
(unfortunately, her stay in Paris coincided with a terrible heat wave... )

Once Rosalynn and her friend Iris finally arrived to Paris, I went to pick them up at the metro station.
We stopped by my place so Rosalynn could drop her luggage, drink fresh water.Then we stopped by Iris' hotel for the check in and ... Let's go to the Angelic Pretty pop-up store~ !! 

Roxane was already there, waiting for us!
Maki and Asuka were not there when we entered the shop (in fact the shop was pretty empty at this moment) and we didn't stayed that long inside (be we did enjoy the fresh air of the fans).
Rosalynn bought a few things, we took the mandatory front shop picture and we headed to Baby!

We stayed inside the Baby shop (where we also enjoyed the fresh air) for a while, 
I think we looked at every single item ! Right after, we stopped by Mc Donnald's because we 
all were hungry (and also, fresh air was needed).
We stayed there for a while and soon after Rosalynn took Iris to do some sightseeing.
It was her very first time in Paris so she wanted to see the Eiffel Tower! 


This is what I was wearing on that day~
(Yay for hair buns! If you're following me on my silly instagram account, you may know that I've been wearing hair buns a lot lately because summer.)

JSK : Angelic Pretty
Blouse : Zara
Shoes : An*Tai*Na
Socks : H&M Kids
Bag : Angelic Pretty
Accessories : Gifts, Handmade and random shop in Harajuku  

None of the pictures on this post are mine 
The front shop ones are from Rosalynn and the outfit shots are from Roxane.
Thank you girls ♥  

See you soon and 
take care until next time ♥ 


  1. I am so happy we got to spend these days together! ;____; <3

    1. Same for me ! I'm already looking forward to the next time ♡♡♡