Sunday, September 4, 2016

Angelic Pretty Tea Party 2016

As always, I'm super late! 
Is it ok if I say I was waiting for the official pictures to be released?

The day started quite early for me because I had to go to the model rehearsals during the morning. I'm beyond happy I got to model for Angelic Pretty once again ! This time, the show was going to be bigger than last year and AP's fashion show coordinator was here to work on the show with us. And that's a very good point ! 

I arrived to the Westin Vendome a bit early (yes I wasn't late at all wow you're impressed, right?) so I waited in the gorgeous lobby until the rehearsal began. Soon Roxane was here too! I was so excited because this was going to be our first time modeling together ♥

And very quickly, everyone was here and we got into the Salon Impérial, where the tea party was held. It was really impressive, all golden, fancy and beautiful!

The AP team welcomed us, I was so happy to see them again! RinRin, Chikage and Risa were already there getting ready.

We discovered our outfits and started dressing up before begining the actual rehearsals. 
I got to wear the Cirque de l'Étoile OP which is one of my favorite dresses from the Autumn collection! Not my usual style but it seems I always got to wear reddish or brownish outfits when AP decides. The AP team was here to help us getting ready and this time we also had a hair and make-up artist which was the same as two years ago for the photoshoot we did in Paris! The photographer was also the same!

We had a lot of space to get ready, tables with lots of mirrors so I decided to style my hair myself but I went to check with Maki if twintails where OK and I ended up with twintails (yay) and glittery stars in my hair! 

Once my hair was covered in stars and my make-up was done, I checked with Maki if everything was OK (once again) and she gave me a scepter to complete my outfit. I felt so fancy, ah ! 

We had a lunch break with sandwiches and pastries, then we began the rehearsals.
I don't remember how much we spend rehearsing, then Honda-san checked everyone's outfit to fix the final details. We practiced a lot until it was time to hide in the backstage and wait until the fashion show. I was nervous but also very very excited! Actually, I was way less nervous than last year and enjoyed the show a lot more~

Group picture from AP's website!

Once the show was over, we came back to the backstage to change into our personal outfits,
but before... PICTURES 8D

Backstage selfie with my dear ♥
She truly look like a doll in this outfit, I'm so proud ♥ 

Chieko took this picture of us ♥ 

Marine took a picture with Louise, Anastassia and I ♥

With Katarina! It was nice to meet her during the rehearsals ♥

Thanks Chieko for this picture! 
I can't believe I got stars in my hair AND a scepter 
I'm so happy I got to wear this outfit during the show
I think that's my favorite outfit I got to wear while modeling ♥

After changing into our personal outfits, I took a few moments to see RinRin, Chikage and Risa because I had a cute heart shaped chocolate box for the beautiful guests (with Eiffel Towers, so very French much Parisian 8D) One for each one of them ♥

Also, it was the best moment to ask them for a picture. You know, basic fangirl problems... I'm so happy I got to met them! I was my first time meeting Risa and Chikage and I hope to see them again because they are really sweet! 

And then it was finally time to join everyone and enjoy the tea party!
The room was even more impressive when filled with beautiful princesses ♥

We could save our sits before the tea party started so I sat between Roxane and Chieko!
Sarah was there too, her outfit was so beautiful! I wish I took more outfit pictures...
Spoiler alert, she won the 3rd best outfit price so it's featured in Spoon. and you can check it out at the end of this post~  
Dear Rosalynn also was part of the best outfits! She won the 2nd price and she's also in that magazine I'M SO PROUD OF THEM ♥ My two favorite outfits! 

Food was truly delicious, very pink! 
Soon it was already time for the raffle and like always, I didn't won anything but I had a cute postcard as a consolation price! It's the Strawberry Whip illustration by Kira Imai~

Near our table was a small booth were we could see the upcoming Pullip x Angelic Pretty release which wasn't announced yet : Pullip Marie ! She wears the Antoinette Princess dress set and those gorgeous glitter heels with pompoms~ 

Apparently, paper scissors rock is a thing during tea parties in Japan so it happened here too.
Big paper-scissors-rock contest took place! I lost during the first round but I enjoyed watching way too much! The best ones even got to play against the guests!

Everyone taking pictures of the winners, yay! 
Even Honda-san!

I'm a bit sad I didn't had the chance to take and instax with Maki, Asuka and Honda-san all together ;__;  They were all so busy, I didn't want to bother too much. Well, at least I got one with Honda-san, I admire her so much  ♥

It was almost already to go because the party was ending...
But you know what happens, they're always people that won't leave the room and I feel like I'm one of them. I stayed a while to talk because I didn't had enough time to see my friends during the party since the fashion show started a bit later than expected. 

I feel bad because I only have Marie and Sandra's outfit pictures, 
I don't even have Roxane's because I'm a potato...

Darkness and golden stars, yes yes ! ♥ 

I love Sandra's outfit, it was Funnassyi themed ! ♥

 Beloved new dress, much love (much ribbons)  !
Thank you Marie for this picture~
I "planned" this outfit the night before the tea party and the very same morning soo...
JSK: Angelic Pretty
Blouse: Offbrand
Socks : Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Bodyline
Hair accessories: Angelic Pretty, Offbrand
Accessories: Offbrand/gifts

Tea party gifts. postcards, exclusive eco bag and huge badge!

And here comes the Spoon. magazine report ! ♥
Please, get your own copy (because beautiful paper yes) to support the magazine!
You can see all the fashion show outfits, the best dressed (YAY!), some attendees and a page about the opening of the Parisian shop! Also, gorgeous cake.
Click on the pictures for higher resolution!

Once we got outside, Marie, Sandra, Pippa and I went to Aki because why not and heatwave.
Because iced matcha latte is ALWAYS a good idea during summer!
And voilà!~ 

See you soon and 
take care until next time ♥ 


  1. You looked very lovely, I think that sort of style definitely suits you! Would you wear it, if you found it at an affordable price/won the lottery? :D

    1. Thank you ♡ YES, I would try so many styles !