Friday, August 5, 2016

♥ Parisian afternoon with RinRin ! ♥

The day after Angelic Pretty's opening, I met with Marie, Mila, Roxane and her mom at Ladurée and we had a very special guest for the afternoon: RinRin!
She was in Paris for the grand opening tea party and wanted to spend some time around Paris.
I was beyond happy to be a part of it ♥

We started by a delicious afternoon tea at Ladurée. Iced teas and iced chocolates, delicious cakes, macarons and the most wonderful company!

Meet the squad! 
Always very busy documenting our food or whatever we are doing here...

Santé ! Best iced chocolate ever (would recommend 100%) ♥

After filling our stomachs with delicious treats, we took a souvenir picture in front of the fancy Ladurée window and headed to more adventures ! (More like Roxane's Mom took a hundred pictures for us because she's always so sweet, thank you again! ♥)

We took the subway and stopped at Saint-Paul, right in the heart of Le Marais.
Le Marais is a very fashionable area of Paris filled with thrift stores and small boutiques.
It has its own atmosphere and it's less crowded than rue de Rivoli or the Champs-Élysées!
We walked around and RinRin even found all the items she was looking for, yaaay! 
RinRin wanted to film our outfits so I grabbed my camera to take pictures of everybody
Behold pretty people and a pink potatao a.k.a. me~ 

Roxane + dounts I can't even aaah this is too cute ♥

Marie is always so elegant, even when the heat is trying to kill us ♥

Mila was Neb Aaran Do fluffy perfection that day ♥

I'm pretty sure RinRin is some sort of magical fairy ♥

Pyjama kei !And yes, I was wearing the cutsew OP I got the day before in a lucky pack.
It looks and feels like a pyjama, it's a blessing honestly ! 
OP: Angelic Pretty, Shoes: Creamy Mami, Bag: Street Fashion Europe, Accessories: Angelic Pretty, Mello by StrawberryPlanet, gifts and offbrand 

(I said I took pictures of everybody but I forgot to take a picture of myself 
so I stole those two pictures form Marie, thank you~ ) 

Forever instagraming my life ~ 
Another souvenir picture with my Instax but it seems like it chose the wrong settings, why did you do this to me Instax WHY?)
I don't know how long we stayed in that street but we stayed quite a while, yes.
The following pictures are from RinRin's twitter, I love this one so so much ♥ 

Sadly, Marie and Mila were both super tired because they had been working on NHK's booth at Japan Expo all morning long. RinRin asked us if we had plans for diner. Roxane, her mom and I had no real plans for the rest of the afternoon so we stayed with RinRin a while more ! 

We walked to Beaubourg and started looking for a nice place to have diner. While we were on our way, we stopped by a supérette RinRin was so amazed by all the packaging, it reminded me when I fist walked into a kombini back in Tokyo. Same reaction ! RinRin wanted to try typical French food so on her friend's advice and with Roxane's googling skills, we ended eating at a brasserie called Le Petit Marcel which reopened very the same day!

Their menu is filled with typical french cuisine, they also have one of my favorites which is canard confit and it was really good! I'm glad RinRin liked it because it comes from South West France and that's also from where I come from! Roxane and her Mom chose 

Another thing happened, we ordered some appetizers... RinRin wanted to try escargot, which are literally snails (cooked with butter and garlic, but still...) It's supposed to be a typical french dish très français oui oui  and it seems like I wasn't really good at being french because I never tried it before.
It was strange (really squishy) but it was also good and tasty ! And it was very fun to give it a try~

Now we are forever snail buddies, how classy !
The staff was really nice and we enjoyed our meal very much. Also, it seems like one for them knew about RinRin so, more fun ! She took so many pictures! Maybe you saw them on her snapchat or her twitter ? 

After we were done filling our stomachs (once again), RinRin took us to her hotel so we could work on some secret plans all together in the lobby...
After that, we said bye until tomorrow to RinRin because we'll see each other again during the Angelic Pretty tea party ♥ 

It was so nice to hang out with RinRin during her free time, she's such a sweet person!
I can't wait for her to come back ♥

See you soon and 
take care until next time ♥ 


  1. What a lovely post! Everyone looks so cute and happy. <3 Also if you're a potato, you're the cutest pink potato ever.
    Next year I am going to cling to your side 24/7 because the best things always happen to you! XD
    I love RinRin~!
    And you. :3

    1. Yaaay please do! Together 24/7 8D
      Aaah thank you so much dear! ♥

  2. Mon dieu cette journée avait l'air tellement parfaite et vous étiez tellement magical *-* Hom hom hom , tu me vends du rêve <3

    1. Hu hu merci, mais pas autant que toi tu m'en vends ♥

  3. Laduree seems to be a little paradise on Earth, I want to go there. *.* <3 Did you know Rinrin before somehow or have you just asked her to hang out with you guys on a parisian day out? You all look gorgeous, and I don't think you are a potato, you look really cute and I bet others were jealous of how comfortable your dress must've been. :)

    1. Thank you! ^^
      Actually it was the other way around. Mila, Marie and RinRin already knew each other so RinRin asked them to hang out around Paris together, and why not bring some friends. Since Roxane and I already met her during the events (and Mila and Marie are total sweethearts) they invited us to ♥

  4. You all look so cute!♡
    Rinrin looks like such a sweet person, it's great you've got to hang out with her.(≧∇≦)Also those sweets look so delicous, I hope I could try them someday! Though the escargots frighten me... haha xD
    Looking forward to your next posts~!

    ~ Moon (