Monday, August 1, 2016

♥ 7/7 Afternoon ♥

After resting again at Aki during Mila's lunch break, Roxane, her mom and I decided to go for a walk around Bastille. We wanted to stop by Lush but also... Rue Crémieux!

If you nerver heard about it, Rue Crémieux is a cute little street in Paris XII district and it's famous for it's cute pastel colored houses. Guess which one was my favorite ?

I wanted to visit this street for soo long and I'm really happy I went there with Roxane and her mom ♥

I love all the pastel colors and little details on the houses. 
Little birds, little cats and lots of plants !

There was many tourists (and fashion bloggers I guess?) so we didn't took as many pictures as we wanted. Also, not to forget about the heat because we were pretty much boiling in the sun. 
I'll definitely go back to take better pictures someday ~

See? Beloved headbow is already glued on the top of my head ♥
Also mandatory pictures in front of a pink house, pretending I live here but I forgot the keys.

Blouse : vintage
JSK: Angelic Pretty
Socks : offbrand
Shoes : Bodyline
Headbow : Angelic Pretty

Don't forget to check Roxane's blog to see her pictures too ! ♥

See you soon and 
take care until next time ♥ 


  1. Rue Crémieux is freaking MAGICAL! *___*

  2. Your hair is amazing! And so pretty houses..

  3. Oh wow, I never heard of that street before, but it's so adorable and picturesque! Next time I'm in Paris (whenever that may be) I'm definitely going there to take some photos, as Rosalynn said in her comment, it looks magical. <3

  4. OH je connaissais pas cette rue c'est adorable !

    1. Oui ! Et puis c'est surprenant toutes ces couleurs !