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♥ Event: Under the Sea ♥

On Saturday 7th May Anastassia, Roxane and I woke-up in Amsterdam because Under the Sea!
They had to woke-up early because of the fashion show rehearsals. Yup, this time I wasn't part of it!
I woke-up with them, we had a quick breakfast and then it began...
Getting ready all together, yaaay ♥

I was quite insecure about my outfit because I had to change everything just before leaving Paris on Friday. I ordered a few things to complete my outfit but I didn't received it in time. Anyway, I managed to wear something quite decent, at least I hope! 
Also sorry but I didn't followed the theme. Well ok, I was wearing a sailor JSK aaand and let's say old-time sailors used to look at the stars to find they way... 

Getting ready all together was fun but it was also kind of stressful at the end because we had to hurry!
Our appartement was really close to the venue so we walked to the Royal Tropical Institute
I was so happy to see dear Rosalynn and Marie but I didn't want to bother them with all the organisation. Since there was nothing I could do to help them, I took a few pictures and enjoyed the sight of such a wonderful location. I was so happy already!

When Roxane and Ansastassia came back we went outside to find an ATM and see where we could eat during the lunch-break. We quickly came back to the Royal Tropical Institute and there were already so many beautiful people queuing outside and familiar faces! ♥ 
I couldn't wait to get back inside and enjoy the event! 

Kawaii squad ♥

Once inside, we got our VIP bags filled with precious postcards I will soon put up on my wall, stickers and even Under The Sea tattoos which are absolutely precious too~

The venue looked even more amazing with all those beautiful creatures wandering around!
We enjoyed our VIP hour by eating some delicious apple pie and doing some shopping (yes, already throwing our money... )

Also, being total fangirls around the special guests. I lose count of how many times I looked at Akira and giggled huhu ♥ And Kimura U, aah she's just too sweet to be real, right?

So, shopping! I couldn't decide between getting a Kimura U x Royal Princess Alice or a Rose Marie Seoir dress. Roxane decided first and got a Rose Marie Seoir OP with short sleeves. It was the exact same print I wanted but I still wasn't sure. She tried on the dress before buying it and when I saw her I knew I had to buy the long sleeve OP (I mean, she was waaaay too cute and she sold me the dress), YES I HAD TOO. Dear Anastassia also said I needed this dress in my life and good friends provide good advice!

So yes, Roxane and I ended with a matching print from our of our favorite brands ♥
My secret-not-so-secret dream to twin with her was about to be true~ 

KOKOkim x Royal Princess Alice, Madame Chocolat, VooDooDolly and Owloli booths !
So many precious things, I wish I could buy it all~

Soon, the other attendees were here and it was already time for the opening speech
and the interesting Q&A with all the guests ♥ 

After the  Q&A it was already time for lunch break !
Roxane and Anastassia had to eat quickly because of the fashion and I ended up having lunch with Michiko~ We went to a delicious restaurant named Louie Louie if I remember well.
Even if we had to eat quickly to make it to the fashion show, we enjoyed our meal together!
Scrambled eggs and iced coffee for both of us, yummy!

Aaaand we made it just in time for the fashion show, perfect timing !
You can watch the whole fashion show recorded by My Inspiration team below featuring 
Violet Fane, ATELIER PIERROT, I Do Declare, Li-Paro, Mighty Kingdom - Lolita fashion & feminine Couture, mossbadger, Narcissique Couture, Owloli, Peacockalorum Clothing & Accessories, Summer Tales Boutique, RoseMarie seoir, and Juliette et Justine.

Can you spot Roxane and Anastassia modeling for RoseMarie Seoir? ♥
Rosalynn's voice announcing the brands almost felt like watching one of her videos~ 

My pictures of the show aren't really interesting BUT I managed to at least take decent pictures of my beloved roommates ♥ Look at those cuties !



After the first fashion show, we went back to the main hall to talk with people and take outfit pictures, soon Roxane and Anastassia joined us. It was time to socialize and spend money again 8D
And since I'm better at spending money, I got myself a new AP cardigan from Madame Chocolat yaaay and I can tell you I've been living inside it since, well almost~

I cannot express how happy I am! Seeing again so many friends!
Also for the first time I feel like I dared to go speak to marvelous people.
Usually, I just stare and wish I was brave enough to go and say a few words.
But no, this time I spoke with some of them I must be the most awkward creature ever 
(If you see me someday, please come say hi because I'll probably be too shy to do it) 

Matching pompoms and bracelet ! (Well, you can't see mine in this picture but still)
Aaah I'm always so so happy to see cute Rosalynn ♥ I wish we lived closer to each other because she's true sweetheart and an amazing friend~

 Alice is always SO beautiful, look at her ! ♥
And thank you for always giving me Russian candies, I should bring French candies next time !

Sheri looking like a cute fluffy and pink angel I'm a bit sad I forgot to take a picture with Adel but it was so fun to talk with them again. I hope to see them again very soon because they are truly amazing ♥

I also met Chloe! I've been following her on instagram for a while so I was really happy to see her. Her outfit was really adorable with a huge sailor retro twist but I forgot to take a picture because I was too busy complimenting her ♥

Amazing Kitch ♥ 
I'm a bit sad I forgot to take a picture of her outfit but I can tell you she looked perfect, I mean she's always so perfect ALWAYS !

Always beautiful mermaid Tro-tro ! ♥ 
I really liked her outfit, she always masters mermaid themed outfits~

Sandra looking gorgeous ! 
This style suits her so so well, so classy aah ♥

I'm always happy to see Camélia because she's adorable ! 
Look at her smile ♥

Miyu was also wearing her Cosmic JSK, 
we were wearing the same dress but with a very different style~ ♥ 

Charlie a.k.a. Princess Fancypants! ♥ 
Meeting her was a pleasure because she's really inspiring and I always love her outfits, 
also speaking with her was so nice !

Kimura U ♥ I was so happy to see her again! I already met her a few years ago when she went to Paris during Tokyo Crazy Kawaii so this was basically a major fangirl moment v.2

Ayumi was so sweet, as always. She seemed very happy to see I was wearing the pompom earrings I bought at La Vie En Rose last year. I went to ask her for a picture and we ended up talking together 
for a moment, I told you she's so sweet ♥


Soon we came back to the auditorium to attend the Kimura U show~
Sadly, she couldn't perform that day but the fashion show was really nice and all the models were so cute !
Here is a recording by the My Inspiration team as well.


The venue was filled with sooo many beautiful mermaids/pirates/frilly creatures ♥
I enjoyed taking many photos eheh ~


We decided to go back to the auditorium to see the Mamechiyo fashion show but when we entered the room Mariko Suzuki's lecture on lolita fashion history wasn't finished already.
I must say I wanted to go to this lecture but in fact I totally forgot about it so I'm glad it lasted a bit longer so I could listen to a part it.

The Mamechiyo fashion was really precious, I mean look at those wonderful outfits!
All the explanations after the show were truly interesting~ 

Soon, it was already time for the raffle and the goodbye speech with a group picture.
I can' t remember how many times I said I was sad because it was over already but I need to confess something: I enjoyed waaay too much all the fanservice moments Akira gave us all along the day and the raffle had plenty of those moments.Those were amazing, yes yes ♥  
Roxane's number and mine were following each other. It made us laugh a lot but it sure didn't made us lucky... We didn't won a thing, maybe next time~   

It was already time to leave the venue because it was rhe end of this marvelous event but we didn't really left... We stayed in front of the venue for a while, taking souvenir pictures and talking but Anastssia go back to our room. She was really tired and needed some rest because she had great yet secret plans for the following day!
We saw dear Mila, Michiko, Marlessa and two wonderfum mermaids ♥  
I was sooo happy to see them! I barely saw them during the event so it was more than nice to spend some time (also talking Star Wars with Annso YAY ♥)
Behold beautiful mermaids in Dream Marine (and out of the theme me)!

Cute mermaids snapchatting !


Since we're almost at the end of the post, here comes my outfit rundown :

Picture by C0re2 Photography

JSK, blouse, socks and accessories : Angelic Pretty
Earrings : RoseMarie Seoir
Accessoires : 6%Dokidoki, gifts
Shoes : Bodyline


The following pictures are a series called much much lavu and cute faces 
feat. always-the-same-face-me-and-my-uneven-bangs a.k.a. lots of precious memories with truly beautiful people ♥  and YES I forgot to take a picture with Akira, now I'm forever sad let me cry


We came back to our airbnb but Roxane and I decided to go take a few pictures of our freshly bought dresses and eventually have diner. We had some rest before going out once again, of course and the post-event feels where already hitting very hard.

On our way to take some pictures near the canal, we happily ran into Tro-tro, Sandra and Lou ♥ 
But that's another story and I keep this one for next time~ 

See you soon and 
take care until next time ♥ 

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