Friday, May 13, 2016

♥ Traveling to Under The Sea ♥

Last Friday, Anastassia and I traveled together all the way to Amsterdam because Under The Seaaaa! Once in Amsterdam, we'll meet with dear Roxane because we would all together share an airbnb for the weekend ♥ I was so happy and excited because ever since I started lolita fashion, I've always wanted to attend an event aboard with friends!

Anastassia and I met each other in Paris right before stepping in the bus for a 9h trip yaaaaay~
This was supposed to be an ironical yay but surprisingly the trip was fun!
It was like a roadtrip except none of us had to drive. We talked and laughed for the whole trip!

The bus stopped in Lille, Antwerp, Rotterdam aaand finally Amsterdam!
First stop in Lille was a ok-let's-buy-some-food-because-we're-already-starving one, (also where are the restrooms?) but Antwerp felt like a 40min summer holiday ♥
The weather was delicious (even in Paris, wow) so we went to grab some ice cream and sat by the boats!

Our stop at Rotterdam was only 10min long so we stayed in the bus.
And sooooooon... Yaaaaay Amsterdaaaaaam~
We arrived almost an hour earlier!
I still can't believe the trip was 9h long, I mean it went so fast!

Once in the train station, we had to find which train to take but we felt a bit lost because neither Anastassia or I speak Dutch. Hopefully, everyone we talked with spoke with a perfect English!
What a relief! Dear Rosalynn already told me about it but it did surprise me (here in France it's quite difficult to find a decent English speaker that easily... )

We took our train and met with other French guys, what a small World or small Europe!
After two stops, we got off and arrived to our neighborhood for the weekend.

Cute with a lot of bikes. BIKES EVERYWHERE! We have Vélib in Paris but there is some kind of next-level bike craziness happening in the Netherlands!

Anastassia and I walked our way to our Airbnb like the tourists we are. We knew dear Roxane was already there, waiting for us ♥ We met in front of the door because she went for a walk in the neighborhood,  I was soooo happy to see her I HAD to give her the biggest hug ♥ 
We stepped inside to meet with our host, dropped our bags and stuff in our room and got back outside to get some diner~ 

We went to a delicious restaurant just down our street and ate delicious burgers while talking happily! What a perfect way to end the day ♥

First impressions of Amsterdam: so damn cute city and friendly people but lots of crazy and confusing bikes. Also stroopwafles everywhere ♥ 

See you soon and 
take care until next time ♥ 


  1. What a lovely post. ;_;
    Can't wait to read more! <3

    1. Thank you dear, I'm glad you liked it (even if it's not that interesting) <3 I'm already working on the next one !

  2. Yaaayyyyy~! Glad to hear your bustrip wasn't horrible! And sad your stay in Rotterdam was so short, haha

    It was so nice to see you agaainnnnn!