Sunday, May 1, 2016

♥ Melanie Martinez CRYBABY TOUR 2016 ♥

Two days ago, I went to see Melanie Martinez's Crybaby Tour here in Paris at La Maroquinerie.
(In case you're wondering, I didn't splitdyed my hair because of her but I did find her because of our similar hairstyle~ Also, there's too many weird similarities I can't barely believe it but whatever 8D )
I've been following her career for a while now so I was super happy when she announced her European tour ♥

Boyfriend kindly came to the show with me and that made me even happier !
We met with some friends once we started queuing and met with more once inside the venue !
This was the very first time I went to La Maroquinerie and I really enjoyed it.
It's not a big venue so you can see the stage wherever you are and that's a pretty good point.

I wish we could have been a bit closer to the stage but our spot was almost perfect because it was a bit higher, like some small stairs (and you might not know but I'm quite small so it was a good thing).

Alvarez Kings performed during the first part of the show and I really enjoyed it!
They were supposed to play in Paris back in November 2015 but because of the attacks they had to cancel the show. This made it quite special and the crow was very cheerful ! I wish took some pictures or videos of their show but I was saving the little battery my phone had left for Melanie ><
I didn't knew them at all but I'll definitely listen to their music again for sure!

I was not sure if Melanie would bring some of the tour decor to Paris because of the little space of the stage but we had the crybaby blocks, yay ♥ The way they lighted up to the rhythm of the songs made it so pretty and colorful!

The show really was amazing, almost the whole audience was singing along with Melanie,
she seemed very moved by that. Also, since it was her birthday the day before, we sang her Happy Birthday !

Basically, the following content of this post is Melanie being cute on stage so be prepared !
(Sorry for the crappy quality of the pictures and videos, I took them with my phone but I still wanted to share them with you ♥ )

Here is the setlist :

Cry Baby
Sippy Cup
Alphabet Boy
Training Wheels
Pity Party
Tag, You're It
Milk & Cookies
Pacify Her
Mrs. Potato Head

Mad Hatter
Gingerbread Man

What a surprise, she performed Gingerbread Man for the very first time !
She was waaay too adorable when she came back on stage for the encore, 
and the goodbye words oh god ♥ 

And here are a few videos !
(Be careful if you use headphones the sound isn't really great, you can blame me and my phone)


Melanie being cute after we sang her happy birthday!

Pity Party 

Pity Party scream!


Mad Hatter 

Melanie said she was soo happy to hear us singing along with her and was surprised we knew all the words. She also said something quite exciting: she's willing to come back again to Paris very soon !! ♥ I hope I'll be able to see her perform again~

I got myself little souvenir from the show, the long awaited Crybaby necklace which is pretty perfect to me because well ... It suits me ! 

See you soon and 
take care until next time ♥ 


  1. Personnellement, ça n'est pas trop le genre de musique que j'écoute, mais j'avoue que ce concert avait l'air terrible! *_* et d'après ce que j'ai vu un peu partout, cette petite madame à l'air vraiment adorable comme tu dis *_* <3
    Hâte de te voir ce weekend en tout cas :D

    1. L'ambiance était vraiment magique !
      Je suis tellement contente de t'avoir vue (même si je devais avoir l'air super déphasée/fatiguée) ♥