Monday, February 20, 2017

Rosalynn's birthday ♥

To celebrate her birthday, dear Rosalynn would spend her entire week-end in Paris and stay at my appartement, yaay ♥ She arrived to Paris on Friday evening and picking her at Bercy was quite an adventure cause it was hard to find each other! And believe me, it was not the only aventure of our week-end together! We found each other, came back to my place to drop Rosalynn's stuff and walked to a restaurant she likes to celebrate~

The next day was Rosalynn's actual birthday, we were supposed to leave my place around 11:00am so we woke-up, started the day by talking a lot and having breakfast. Soon, Boyfriend had to leave to go to work while Rosalynn and I were still talking in front of our breakfast... And I got a phone call. Just a few minutes after Boyfriend left the place, he called me. Oh, he might have forgot something?
Well, no. He sounded a bit worried and told me to go and check the 4th floor (right under our appartement, we live on the 5th) because there was some weird-maybe-something-is-burning smell.
(Get ready for a long story!)

First, you have to know that fire is one of my biggest fears. Second, I felt like I was already freaking out thinking "Oh god what am I supposed to do?" So I went downstairs and checked.
Long story short, I walked downstairs to the 4th and yes that was some weird-maybe-something-is-burning smell, indeed. I knocked at all of my 4th floor neighbors' doors but not a single one answered... I came back upstairs to explain everything to Rosalynn and ask her if she could check that smell too, just to be sure. While I went downstairs to see if my janitor was around, Rosalynn stayed there, just in case. Of course, my janitor wasn't there and the only guy I came across said something like "eeem well idk bye". Back to the 4th, tyring not to freak out (and failing at it) I called the fire department saying something might be on fire in the building.

Not long after, at least six firefighters showed-up! One of the first things they said was "oh yeah it smells like plastic or something burning", also they didn't seem too worried. I explained the whole situation to them and that we didn't know from which appartement the smell came from.
Some of them started knocking (more like kicking) at the doors while the others went to check outside and one was pulling out an axe, you know, just in case!

Three of them asked if they could go upstairs to my place to check from the windows and once in my living room, one said they would abseil down from my window. WELL OK
So I ended up with two man in harnesses in my living room, one lying on the floor and the other one going through the window while another one was standing next to the window, holding the rope and giving instructions. (Can you guess which one was the most good looking?)
Rosalynn and I were there, standing still, impressed. WHAT A DAY, RIGHT ?
Sorry, no pictures of the firefighters lying on the floor...

Suddenly, the two who were still in my living room packed their stuff and went back downstairs.
What happened to the one who went through the window? Who knows!
Actually he was already downstairs, in the appartement where something was burning.
When Rosalynn and I came back downstairs, something had already happened because the locked door the the appartement was open and someone was walking out, followed by firefighters holding a burnt mattress and what used to be a pillow. What a relief! I was still shaking but everything was going to be alright now!

And so, after all this, I called my Boyfriend to tell him everything was ok now and I called my parents to tell them what just happened! Rosalynn and I finished our breakfast and got ready but I had to give her something before leaving for the day... Her birthday present! ♥ I wanted to do this for such a long time and her birthday was the perfect occasion! I made a drawing of her and her wonderful AP tea party outfit and I framed it. I was so afraid she wouldn't like it!

She also had a gift for me because my birthday was only a few days away!
AP Honey Cake blouse in pink! I've been such a spoiled kid this year, wow guys!

It was finally time to go outside and enjoy our Saturday together in Paris!
Our first stop was obviously Angelic Pretty, not only because we are crazy AP fangirls but also because Rosalynn had to pick-up her birthday present, yesyes!
We planned to be there around 11:00 but we arrived at 13:00 instead and of course we took many pictures before entering the shop (as usual). Because it was Christmas time, they had a cute pink AP Christmas tree in the window display, how cute! And those demoniac poodles, I love them ♥

Once we entered the shop, we were welcomed by Marine who was working there. After giving Rosalynn her dress and browsing the store, we started commenting on the AP fashion show, Brillant Dress collection and glorious baguette headdress! Honestly, I don't remember how long we stayed in there but I'm pretty sure it was quite a while. I feel so good in this store, I wish I could go shop there everyday ♥

Mandatory selfie in front of the store with this cutie ♥
Our next stop was Junku, the Japanese bookstore! It's only a few steps ahead of AP, it's crazy how many of my favorite places in Paris are in the same area, between the Opéra and the Louvre.
Lately, I've been going there almost twice a month but it's always enjoyable to browse the store because of all the magazines, artbooks and art supplies they have. Yes my friends, they sell amazing and cute Japanese stationery ♥

Next activity was... EATING!
We stopped by Aki to have a delicious lunch, look at the cake display! It always makes me want to order everything yet I always order the very same things. Dear Rosalynn was about to try their famous emoji cake for the first time. I went for the raspberry chocolate one and we both took onigiris and hot matcha latte ♥ We've been planing to eat at Aki together for so long, I'm glad we finally did on her birthday, it made it even more special!

Once our bellies were full enough, we took our coats and walked to our last stop in the area, 
Vivienne Westwood! They finally opened in rue Saint-Honoré a few weeks before and I've already been there a couple of times so the staff recognized me. Rosalynn and I fell in love with the Melissa special edition Rocking Horse shoes, the glittery champagne ones. I didn't get a proper picture but I still dream about them... The shop girl showed us the store walked us downstairs, we talked together for a while and she was very kind, as always! Also, we had the strangest conversation about ear shapes and hair color haha! 

When we left the shop, we had to take the métro to go to our next destination...
Baby the Stars Shine Bright! When we entered the métro, the station was covered in posters for the upcoming Makoto Shinkai movie Your Name, I went to see it earlier this month (I mean, in January) and I cried like a baby! Watch it, if you have the opportunity! We got out of the metro and walked to the shop, it was so long since last time i went to Baby so I was quite eager to see all the pretty dresses! 

Rosalynn and I happily started browsing and showing pretty items to each other quickly spotted beautiful things we wish we could buy ♥ 
See-through socks, cute blouses and... Dresses!
I fell in love with the Sister Maria's Sailor Colar OP (that name) and Rosalynn wanted me to try it!
Let's get this clear, it wasn't a good idea (but I did it anyway) cause now I want that dress ♥


We also took pictures of our outfits because we had totally forgotten about it until then...
For this day, we went for a casual and comfy outfit.
Rosalynn was so cute in this pastel lacy mint dress (also, pompoms) ♥ 

OP and cardigan: Angelic Pretty
Tights: RoseMarie Seoir
Shoes and hat: H&M

We went back to the métro because our next stop was at Le Marais. We planned to stop by Princess Crepes before but we decided it was best to save our appetite for the diner and so we went our way to Axes Femmes. Sadly, the shop is now closed so this was the very last time we went there, I should have taken some pictures! Rosalynn got herself a bunch of nice things, go check her blog post to find out!

It was almost time to eat! We took the subway to go near the Opéra once again where Mila joined us to have diner together ♥ She was supposed to join us for some afternoon tea at Laudrée on the following day but she couldn't attend because work so we planned a nice dinner. We went to rue Sainte-Anne, were there's almost all the good Japanese restaurants. It's always a bit difficult to pick one because each one of them (I mean, the good ones) have a specialty. This time we went for okonomiyaki and it was so good! To be honest, the last time I had okonomiyaki was back in Japan, something like 3 years ago... I know, it's a shame but it made me enjoy the meal a bit more! Also, we laughed a lot and that helps, I guess ♥

But this day couldn't end yet cause we had one last thing to do! Rosalynn wanted to see the Christmas illuminations around Champs Elysées! Since Mila couldn't stay too late, she walked with us to Opéra and said goodbye. Rosalynn and I kept walking to Galeries Lafayette which is also famous for their Christmas displays and it was indeed really pretty ♡ All bears made of paper !

We took the métro to Champs-Élysées and it was really funny because this time Rosalynn had to guide me! I've been a Parisian for almost four years now but I almost go there. I know, I'm terrible.
I can say I had my first true touristic experience of the Champs-Élysées that night!
We crossed the street on the pedestrian crossing and stopped right in the middle of this huge street.
This is not a crazy thing, there is some space between the traffic lights where the tourists can stop and admire the view in the middle of the street while staying safe. And I think we stayed a while! 
The whole avenue was covered in lights and some screens even! My favorite was Cartier because it looked like a wrapped gift, so cute! 

Selfies and touristy activities! 

Then we decided to enjoy the view for a little more so we walked down the avenue (on the real sidewalk this time) to the first métro station we would see. Actually, we found one way too quickly so we decided to walk more to the next one which was... a bit far away!
The métro ride back home was full of emotions, it made me so happy to see Rosalynn enjoying her day that much and I'm so grateful for all those precious memories together (much hugs), thank you dear ♥ 

When we arrived home, it was quite late already so we put on our pjs to chill with some tea and went to sleep cause we had another day ahead ♥

As always, Rosalynn made a lovely video! Check it out ~
(Also, thank you dear for letting me borrowing some of your pictures ♥)

See you soon and 
take care until next time ♥ 

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