Saturday, October 31, 2015

♥ Visiting Sainte-Chapelle with Michiko ♥

Michiko came back to Paris in September and this time I was able to finally meet her ♥
I'm so glad because she really is such a sweetheart !

She wanted to go back to the Sainte-Chapelle which was a perfect idea for a lovely meet-up!
We waited for each other near the closest subway station and soon we started queuing.
As you may guess, Sainte-Chapelle waiting line has obviously no fast-pass so we had 
to wait for a while. We decided to have fun while waiting by taking some outfit pictures 
in front of the Palais de Justice gates.

Everyone was looking perfect ♥ (also, Michiko and Marie were perfectly matching those gates!)
I was wearing my-new-beloved-and-freshly-bought Wonderparty OP with hints of pink and black.
Not my usual style but I kinda like it~ 

OP : Angelic Pretty
Tights : Syrup/Rose Marie Seoir
Shoes : H&M
Jacket : PyonPyon (Taobao)
Hat : H&M
Accessories : Angelic Pretty, Offbrand 

I've been living in Paris for like a couple of years and I've never been there
but somehow this was the perfect occasion! I already knew how beautiful was this place but seeing all those pretty stained glasses with my own eyes was wonderful~ 

After seeing pretty things, it was time to go eat pretty things at Laudrée (yes yes, like the day before).
We walked from the Sainte-Chapelle to Laudrée because luckily it wasn't raining. We arrived to the salon de thé pretty exhausted because somehow the walk was longer than expected.

The staff recognized us from the day before, it was kind of funny~ 
(Also, the young lady who served us was very friendly and talkative! Thanks for helping us with the group pictures!) This time, we went upstairs to the Salon Bleu! We wanted to take some pictures in the room but right after we sat rejoicing on how alone we were, more customers came to the salon.

We happily (look at those happy faces ♥) said see you tomorrow to each other because a third meeting in only three days was planned for the day after ♥ 

See you soon and 
take care until next time ♥ 


  1. Aaaaaaaaah everyone looks so perfect! >o< <3
    Also, I NEED to visit Sainte-Chapelle. ;_; So gorgeous!

  2. Thank you dear <3
    Maybe you can visit it next time you're in Paris ? ^^