Saturday, November 7, 2015

♥ Meeting with Michiko and the Parisian Lolitas ♥

Last month, since Michiko was in Paris, Chloé decided to organize a small 
meet-up with Parisians lolitas! 

We went to Fauchon to eat some delicious desserts together~
The food was good and some of us got really amazed by their orders (I'm looking at you Chieko 8D)
I went for some hot chocolate and delicious éclair au chocolat

Last time I went there was for Baby the Stars Shine Bright tea party back in February 
so I was happy to come back. I really like how almost everything is pink  
in Fauchon's salon!Also, beautiful mirror wall ♥

We walked from Fauchon to the Tuileries to take some nice outfit shots. 
It was nice walking and talking together ~

So here comes everybody's outfit for the day! 

JSK : Angelic Pretty
Blouse : Vintage 
Socks : Angelic Pretty
Shoes : H&M
Accessories : Angelic Pretty, Q-pot and gifts
Hat : H&M

Here are my phone pictures of this daaay~ ♥

This is how our third meeting in three days ended~ 

See you soon and 
take care until next time ♥ 

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  1. haan la la la photo des miroirs je n'ai compris qu'en lisant ton article, j'ai d'abord cru que c'était une verrière, c'est beauuu.