Tuesday, October 20, 2015

♥ Museum meet-up with Sheri and Adel ♥

Back in September, Mila organised a meet-up for Sheri and Adel who were in Paris for a few days.
We visited the Vigée Le Brun exhibit at Le Grand Palais which was really beautiful! ♥  
I'm really happy cause I was hoping to see all those pretty paintings. If you're interested in visiting the expo, it lasts until January 2016. Vigée Le Brun wad Marie-Antoinette's official painter but this expo is her very first retrospective here in France so, yay! 

The expo wasn't that crowded, in fact we reserved our tickets online to avoid waiting to enter but once in the museum, there was no waiting line.

Get ready for elegant women with fluffy hair and wonderful fashion (also, creepy kids!)

We took outfit pictures in some fancy staircase because, why not ?   
Everybody was sooo elegant and I was looking soo... pink ?

Jsk : Angelic Pretty
Blouse : Angelic Pretty
Tights : Offbrand
Shoes : Bodyline
Hairclip : Angelic Pretty

After the expo, we decided to go to Ladurée but first we had a little walk around 
Saint-Germain-des-Prés and stopped by Deyrolle, a beautiful taxidermy shop that looks a bit like a cabinet of curiosities. I wish I could spend hours drawing little insects in this place ♥
I don't remember how long we stayed there but sure I enjoyed visiting this place once again!
The more I go to Deyrolle, the more I want to start a butterfly collection~

Once we were at Ladurée, Clafou and her Boyfriend joined us !
It was pretty difficult to choose what to eat but since I LOVE chocolate I went for a Carré Chocolat ♥ 
I really enjoyed this day and I'm glad I met Sheri and Adel ! 
I hope they had a good time as well ~ 

See you soon and 
take care until next time ♥ 

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  1. L'exposition de Vigée Le Brun à l'air vraiment belle!! J'ai eu un cours sur elle en histoire de l'art!
    Deyrolle aussi est un endroit génial je trouve, dommage qu'on ne puisse pas y prendre de photos..
    Les gâteaux ont l'air vraiment parfait!