Saturday, October 28, 2017

Angelic Pretty Paris 1st Anniversary tea party! ♥

Back in July, many fellow lolitas gathered to celebrate Angelic Pretty Paris 1st anniversary!
The tea party took place in the marvelous Salon Pompadour at Le Meurice, a palace right in front of the Tuileries garden. Once again, I was lucky enough to be part of the fashion show and this year, the special guest was Tina Tamashiro!

I was so excited to see her! I've always loved the photo shoots featured she does with Angelic Pretty for Spoon and I have to say, she makes me want to have my hair cut in a short bob sometimes...
(it's not going to happen anyway)

All the selected models had to meet a the hotel at 12:00 for the fittings and rehearsals.
Soon, we were all backstage sitting around a table with Maki checking for everyone's fashion show outfits and I discovered I had to wear two different outfits! YES TWO.
First one was Suya Suya Toys and the second one was Angel Scallop!
Both weren't announced yet at that time, so exciting!~
Also, I was quite excited to be carrying the Dreamy Lyrical Bunny bag cause it's way too cute (and way to heavy BUT WAY TOO CUTE)

I'm so happy I got to wear two different outfits for this fashion show! 
It was the first time I had to change backstage during the fashion show! You know, during formula 1 races, when all the team quickly changes the  tires? 
I felt like I was one of those cars but it was really fun!

When we ended the fashion show, we took a few pictures backstage and then everyone got changed into their own outfits and got back into the main salon!

I was so happy to be modeling with Camélia, Marine and Pom once again! ♥
Once I got changed into my own outfit, I finally joined the party in the other room 
and sat with lovely friends, right between Rosalynn and Roxane and just in time for the food ♥ 

Favorite tea party activity, taking pictures of those gorgeous ceilings!

The lovely staff and designers talked a bit about the fashion show and the one year anniversary of the Parisian shop! Sometimes I still can't believe it's here ♥

"Misty Sky and lucky packs for all!!" 

We also got a Q&A with Tina Tamashiro and it was pretty interesting!
She was honestly too cute to be true ♥ 

The food was delicious! We had different mignardises, scones with cream, jam and honey (ok just something I want to say about the honey, this one was called Miel Béton which means honey concrete and it was quite funny because it was rather sturdy) aaand a such a delicious cake!

Some wild stroopwafel appeared (thanks Rosalynn ♥)

Hello cutie ♥

Soon, it was already time for the raffle and the best outfit. 
As usual, I didn't won anything at the raffle but I wasn't sad at all...
Consolation prize was a set of clearfiles and I LOVE clearfiles yes ♥ 

Sadly, once the raffle ended, it was already time to say goodbye...
But before leaving the salon, we took a group picture and believe me, it wasn't the easiest thing to do! (Five points if you find me, I'm somewhere hidden behind a headpiece)


We tried to take some pictures in the hotel lobby but the staff asked us to leave, 
maybe because the café area was quite crowded? Or because we were quite embarrassing, I guess we'll never know... Anyway, we decided to hang in front of the hotel for a while!

Beautiful people ♥ and more beautiful people ♥ 



Can we take just one moment to appreciate Tamara's Kate Spade bag? 
I mean, a pastel dinosaur! I love this collection so much, even if my favorite is the pink T-rex, 
this one is cuteness overload ♥ 

I don't even have outfit pictures of the friends I sat with, shame on me...
Ooh and I almost forgot, here is a gif with the lovelies Emilie and Rosalynn ♥
We tried to make hearts with our hands, we tried... 


After hanging around the hotel of a bit, we decided to go for a Starbucks and other fellow lolitas tagged along, like the year before! It was nice to get to spend some more time together (and a matcha latte frappuchino was much needed) ~ 

Roxane and I also stopped by the shop one last time and took a few pictures because our shop girls are adorable (sadly, Marine wasn't there) ♥ 

Guess we can't be serious for too long...

See you soon and 
take care until next time ♥ 

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