Sunday, October 8, 2017


After attending the con once in 2012, I've never came back to Japan Expo
but that's not the case anymore cause this year I've been there on saturday with Roxane ♥

We decided to brave the heat and weeb around the con wearing lolita.
Surprisingly, we didn't die from the heat!

Oh and, this is picture heavy !

We arrived a bit later that expected because Parisian transportation is always on point but we didn't loose that much time in the end! It's really crazy to see so many people in the same place...

The video game area was so crowded we decided to walk by quickly and go back later but as we went on with everything we kinda forgot about it... 


The Sanrio booth was like a cute garden with (fake) cherry trees, 
they had those cute paper things we could write some wishes on and it looked so lovely!

And look at this door ♥

This thing was just to cute to be true ; v ; 

And now, let's talk about some serious business...

For obvious reasons, my favorite part was the Sailor Moon booth! We had to join a queue to enter cause it was a bit crowded but it was all pretty, pink and full of make-up. We even got a matching temporary tattoo !!

Here is mine! I couldn't keep it long cause I was modeling for AP's fashion show the next day but I can assure you I enjoyed it for the few hours I had it ♥


**Fangirl squeals** We met our 2d husbando
I stole this picture from Roxane's intagram

Next booth was...

Evangelion Store but I was a bit disappointed by the selection they had.
I was expecting more collectibles and stuff, but it was cool anyway!


On the Moshi Moshi Nippon booth, they had several Randonserus to try on so we picked the pink one and my younger weeb self was feeling very dokidoki!

OP, Headbow, Socks, Bag (not pictured here): Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Stradivarius
Accessories: Offbrand 

We also came across what looked like a library, they even had some Gothic Lolita Bibles and Lolita in Tokyo Wonderland! And loads of Love Live! books ♥

Do you realize I didn't throw my money at Rilakkuma this time?! 

Your fujotrash is showing!

We met the cutest Pikachu airplane pilot at the Kansai International airport booth ♥ 


We also HAD to stop by Kawaii Style! 
Their booth was full with many cute things and lots of Liz Lisa ♥
They also had Triple*Fortune at some point but everything was sold out very quickly on the first day!!

Soon, we joined Sandra and Clafoutea for the Yuri On Ice talkshow **squeals**
Mitsurou Kubo and Sayo Yamamoto had a talk and drawing show. Among other things, they talked about french ice skaters and Emil's birthday! Aaand look at the drawing! Cute french Viktor with a beret, marinière and a baguette and drunk Yuri ♥


After the talk show, we met with (and hugged) Kumamon so my day was finally complete, 
I mean... ♥ 

It was finally time to go back home but first we had to ride the oh-so-crowed-post-Japan-Expo RER...
By the way, Roxane made a lovely video about our day, check it out! ♥

See you soon and 
take care until next time ♥ 

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