Friday, July 24, 2015

♥ EVENT : Angelic Pretty Tea Party Paris 2015 ♥

On Sunday 4th July was Angelic Pretty 's summer 2015 tea party. This already sounds exciting enough but there's more... This year, I was lucky enough to be selected as a model for the tea party fashion show with Bloody, Anastassia, Marine, Mila and ... RinRin ! ♥

Like I told you in my previous post, Marine, Anastassia
and I arrived together at the Sharngri-lo hotel for the rehearsals. The hotel staff welcomed us and took us upstairs to the meeting point. We had to wait a little because we arrived a bit earlier that expected so we sat on luxurious sofas talking and admiring the place.

Soon, RinRin showed up with  part for the Kawaii International staff and we all interred the tea party salon !
AP staff and French Café were here too ! We did some outfit fitting and rehearsals, we were all super happy with our outfits ! ~ ♥

I remember RinRin asked us if it was a common thing
to get inside fancy hotels like this one for French people
(no it's not, in case you're wondering). It was a great opportunity to be able to talk again with her during the rehearsals, she gave us many advises on modeling and how to manage the nerves (thank you again
for all the advises RinRin ♥ )

Once we were done with the rehearsals, the attendees entered the salon and the tea party began ! 
The models had to wait in the backstage until the fashion show so we had plenty of time for last minute outfit adjustment  (I just love Asuka's satisfied/happy face once your outfit is finally per-fect).
Oh and of course, SELFIES! (I wish I took a one with Bloody and Marine... You have no idea how much I regret!) 


Waiting was not that easy because much excitement 
and we could hear all the attendees right behind. 
And soon, the show started ! ♪ 

Bloody, me, Marine, Anastassia, Mila, RinRin, Mrs. Honda, Maki and Asuka !
I will cherish this picture forever ! Friends and people I admire so much, together ♥ 

Twin picture with Bloody ♥ 
I was so happy we got to model the same new and super secret print together.
Plus, she always looks stunning in old school lolita ! 

After the fashion show and the pictures we went to the backstages
to get dressed in our tea party outfits and enjoy the event !

Picture with the wonderful Mrs. Honda ♥
She noticed I was wearing Sweet Girl Room OP and it made me beyond happy
for some special reasons .. ♥

OP : Angelic Pretty
OTKs : Angelic Pretty
Shoes : Bodyline
Bag : Angelic Pretty
Hat : H&M
Accessories : Gifts, Offbrand. 

The place was really amazing, I wish I could have stayed forever 
and draw every little detail of it !

Once back in the salon, I ended sitting with French Café and it was time for me to enjoy the food. 
The tiny chocolate cakes were to die for, and this red fruit glass was as delicious as it seems !
I drank a lot of iced tea (which was delicious as well) and had a really good time ~

We voted for the best dresser and right after it was time for the raffle!
I didn't won anything (like last year, haha) but I'm happy many of my friends won something ♥
Of course, everyone in my case got a special-sorry-you-weren't-lucky present from Asuka.

Thank you Emilie for this pretty table picture ! 

Sandra and Ludo looked like Queen and King !


Two outfits with Mercator Antique were picked by the attendees as the best ones (YAY FOR TIYA ♥) and Maki's choice was a Dolly Cat outfit !

I think everybody enjoyed the afternoon and it was already time for the goodbye speech.
One last hug with RinRin, a few pictures with her, Maki and Asuka and it was already time to go !


Like always, I wish I took more pictures of everybody...
You can take a look at French Café's pictures of the event here
(also you may have noticed I used a lot of their pictures in this post ! )
Here are a few outfit picutres !

Mila and Marie, both perfect as always ♥
Aren't they the cutest together ?

Cutie-pie Anastassia ♥ 
I'm so happy I got to model with her once again !

My dear Roxane
Her outfit was so pretty, I really like the gemstones+glitter "tears" matching the theme of her dress !

Cute Rosalynn ! ♥ 
Super cute outfit as always, she was wearing beautiful handmade flower crown and scepter !

Shangri-la vibes !

One last picture in the Shangri-la lobby while we were waiting for Rosalynn
and then I was REALLY time to leave.
Rosalynn, Roxane, Anastassia and I went to eat (and talk a lot)
and that's how this wonderful day ended ~

See you soon and 
take care until next time ♥ 


  1. omg trop de beauté dans cet article T_T
    la robe que tu portais au défilé est juste parfaite pour toi :o
    franchement, c'est un modèle étrange mais là, sur toi, ça donne méga méga bien! <3

    1. (C'est toi la beauté, non mais eh ♥)
      Cette robe n'a rien à voir avec ce que je porte d'habitude (sauf peut-être que c'est du AP) mais j'aime bien alors ça fait plaisir, merci !