Friday, July 17, 2015

♥ EVENT : Meeting RinRin ! ♥

Saturday was going to be a big day ! We had to get ready early to go to the RinRin fansign, 
I was so excited about finally meeting her ! I can say she's one of my lolita idols ♥
Since the Angelic Pretty tea party was later the same day (and we didn't planned on dying from heat, dehydration or whatever) we dressed-up in "partial-tea-party-outfits" and were carrying some extra outfit elements for the afternoon. It was so much fun to get ready with Rosalynn ! ♥

When we arrived at Princess Crepe, the fansign had already started and a lot of people 
were already there. I met-up with Roxane (who was already queuing) and lend her my Instax !
We started queuing and talking about the upcoming tea party, our love of RinRin 
and complaining on the weather. It was fun to see everyone super happy and excited to meet her !

While we were waiting, French Café's team was here if we wanted to order some crepe 
(and I did, of course) and selling RinRin postcards (which I bought, of course) and fake lashes (which... Sadly I didn't bought ! ). Kawaii International was also here to film for an upcoming show (broadcast is on August, 29th!)and the producer was here too, I was really happy to have a chance to talk with her (plus she is very friendly!) and tell her how much I like this show ^^

And finally, after waiting for a while a talking a lot, I was the next one to meet her !!
Look at her cuteself ! ♥

It was so unreal to meet and talk with her ♥ 
I'm so glad my drawing made her happy ! 
Also, I got a chance to tell her how inspirational (and so damn cute) she is !
She was so kind and friendly and talked a lot which was a great thing ! 
But I forgot to tell her how happy I was about modeling with her later 
the same day at the tea party, because absolute happiness and being way too shy reasons.


After the meeting, we spent some time outside eating those delicious crepes.
Mine was a delicious chocolate-cheesecake-chantilly crepe, as usual ♥
Terrible things happened... I think almost everyone stained their dresses with either chocolate or caramel. Hopeful, most of us were carrying water so no real harm was caused to our dresses ~

The following pictures are Anastassia's and I love them so much, 
thank you for the pictures my dear (much much love!) ♥ 

As I already told you, my outfit was a "lighter" version than what I was going to wear for the tea party. Outfit rundown~ ♪

OP : Angelic Pretty
Shoes : An*Tai*Na
Socks : Offbrand
Hat : H&M
Bag : Angelic Pretty
Accessorizes : Gifts, Offbrand.

Once we finished our crepes, Anastassia, Marine and I had to go because super secret appointment **winkwink** so we headed to the Shangri-la hotel. Marine's boyfriend and beautiful Hécate came with us but once inside the hotel they had to left us and we waited for the AP team !

Almost every picture in this post is from French Café
please take a look at their flickr album for more pretty pictures of this event~

See you soon and 
take care until next time ♥ 

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