Wednesday, September 2, 2015

♥ EVENT : Fashion Walk with Angelic Pretty & Putumayo ♥

(Gosh, I'm so late! I'm sorry, my memory card got lost but I found it today so here is the article! ) 

Back in July, when Angelic Pretty and Putumayo were in Paris, both brands organized a small fashion walk around the neighborhood of their pop-up store. 

Once again, it was really fun to get ready with Rosalynn and you know what ?
Sunday was cooler than the previous days, yaaay !
Because heatwave week has been exhausting, 
I decided to go for a simple and fresh outfit with my new Misty Sky ! 
And guess what, Roxane was also wearing hers...
Misty Squad is now a real thing ! 

We talked about wearing the same print to the walk but we didn't planed to both wear a side ponytail with a ribbon on top (I mean, it's even on the SAME side our our heads) and some gemstones.
Plus our bags and shoes were also very similar !

JSK : Angelic Pretty
Cutsew : Offbrand
Socks : Angelic Pretty
Shoes : An*Tai*Na
Head accessories : Angelic Pretty and random store in Harajuku
Accessories : Gifts.

We arrived to the meeting point quite early 
so we had plenty of time for taking pictures !


(I stole those two pictures from Rosalynn, thanks my dear ♥)

Never too many selfies with Maki and Asuka ♥

Selfie with Solenn ! A lot of people say we look like sisters so it was fun 
to finally met and take a picture together ! ♥

And Marine took ths selfie, I'm glad I met her and modeled with her during the tea party ! ♥

Soon we started walking to the Opéra, everybody was talking and having fun 
(and taking pictures of course) !

When we finally arrived in front of the Opéra, we took a group picture but right before that we NEEDED to take a picture of the Misty Squad !
If you own a Misty Sky, we need to take a picture together cause Misty Squad is universal.

Group picture from Putumayo's twitter
And here comes the part when I got pretty emotional ...

After the group picture, Mrs. Honda appeared ! I was super happy to see her once again !
I kindly thanked her for the previous day and asked her if it was possible to take one last picture with her. She immediately called Maki and Asuka so we could take a picture the four of us together like we did the year before ♥ I'll try to take another one next time~

Last year and now! Those precious memories are now on my fridge among other lolita related memories ! 
(You can notice how my pause, face and hairstyle are STILL THE SAME) 
I feel so grateful for everything that happened since I met them ♥
I wanted to tell them and thank them for everything, we started talking about it and she thank me for last year too and soon I could feel my happiness tears pouring down my face and she hugged me ♥
Since everyone was going back to the pop-up store, we said goodbye until next year ! 

After the walk, Rosalynn and I went back to my place. Sadly, it was already time for her to go back to the Netherlands. Goodbyes with precious friends are always so difficult, I wish she stayed longer ! 
Spending those few days with her was really wonderful, I hope we'll see each other very soon ♥ 

Later in the afternoon, my Boyfriend and I planned to meet up with Roxane and eat delicious udon together. Roxane was spending some time with Marine, Miyu and Hasegawa-san and Katsuta-san from Putumayo at Starbucks !
She told us to join them and we had a great time there ! 
Plus, Hasegawa-san drew me (he already drew the other girls) and we got some cute Rilakkuma snacks too !

After that, we stopped by the pop-up store one last time because they were having a sale but sadly all the tights I was looking for were already sold out ... 
I was getting a little sad until my Boyfriend decided to make me a present : an Angelic Pretty blouse ♥ I was so happy (I felt terribly guilty), 
I will cherish this blouse forever !

Then, we finally enjoyed some delicious udon.
The perfect way to end a wonderful week! ~♥  

See you soon and 
take care until next time ♥ 

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