Tuesday, December 30, 2014

♥ FLASHBACK: Tokyo 2014 Part 3 ♥

Day 3: Harajuku !

On day 3, too much emotions. The day started with a delicious breakfast at Choco-cro Saint Marc Café and we went back to the camera shop in Shinjuku. My boyfriend decided to buy a new camera and since the shop was full of Instax films, a bought a bunch of them!

A kind shop-girl helped me to find the ones I was looking for (Little Twin Stars yay!) and took a picture of me inside the shop. She gave it to me as a present, and complimented me on my outfit ♥


This little guy you can see in the right picture is Pipo-kun (ピーポくん), the mascot of the Tokyo Police force (the NOE246 inscriptions are from the street artist who made the sticker and pasted it). How cute, isn't it ? I found him in a subway station and HAD to stop to take a picture.
Oh and there's a  grief seed above him!

We took the subway to Harajuku Station but before heading to the shopping area we walked around/visited Yoyogi Park and Meiji Shrine.
The place was so pretty and I didn't felt like we were in a city at all !!


We spent the afternoon around Takeshita Street and Harajuku ♥
Just been there was pretty awesome, a dream come true !
Sadly we didn't had enough time to visit every shop but I know I'll be back someday and I'LL SPEND THE WHOLE DAY AROUND THERE !!

I didn't took much pictures too.. First because most of the shops didn't allowed it but also because I was way too busy looking around, spending my money and holding my shopping bags! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Walking under the Takeshita Street signboard gave me delightful chills!!
The area was very crowded on this day but I couldn't care less. Being around Harajuku, crowded or not was definitely a dream come true!!
And that's how the crazy afternoon started~ \( ̄▽ ̄;)/


The first shop we stopped by was Harajuku Smile Camp, it closed sadly one month after. There, I found a cute (and oh so short) frilly pink and blue skirt!
Near this was a little accessory shop and I spent so many time choosing something to buy!

We visited so many shops!! I didn't bought everything I wanted, I had to save money for later too... SBY Happy Room, TutuAna, ACDC Rags, Spinns, Nadia, LaForet...
One of my favorite shops was obviously Closet Child (with loads of Angelic Pretty inside, oh my...♥) I found a lovely Toy Parade salopette set in mint with two lovely matching ribbon hair ties!

I was really crazy about everything, especially LaForet !!
Angelic Pretty, Nile Perch, Atelier Pierrot, Putumayo, Emily Temple Cute, Swimmer, Metamorphose ... I only bought from Nile Perch, but I marveled about pretty much everything in LaForet (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Since we had a meeting with Mathieu's friends during the evening, we had to go back to the apartment to depose our (mostly mine) new belongings !! Here are some of them:


On our way back, we saw those pretty ads in the subway, so I had to take pictures.
I don't know the first one but I really like those kind of toys ♥ 
I've always loved the Laforet ones, I was really happy to see this one !!

And as the day before,
we stopped by the kombini to buy a few things. Oh, I forgot to buy some Dolly Wink lashes, and the Sailor Moon special eyeliner too **cries** but I bought fooood !! Onigiris, Dr Pepper and tea with Minnie on the bottle (yes, that's the only reason why I decided to buy this one)
This time I took a picture!~

After that, we walked to the meeting point.
We went to Ninety, a gorgeous retro game bar in Akebonobashi!
I love this 90s atmosphere !! Basically, the evening was about playing games, drinking and eating !!
We played Zombicide and the Big Idea,. the last one is even funnier when you're drinking !
The bar was literally full of old video games and arcade machines, chiptune music and collector goodies ♥

Thank you for reading, 
see you soon for part 4 ~ 

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