Friday, January 9, 2015

♥ FLASHBACK: Tokyo 2014 (Part 4) ♥

Day 4 : Nakano Broadway! 

Day 4 (December, 30th) started, like the previous one, at Saint-Marc Café. No food pictures this time but expect a lot of dolls, vintage toys and bright colors! ᕙ( * •̀ ᗜ •́ * )ᕗ

On our way from the Café to the subway, I finally took a picture of the pretty Akebonobashi dori ♥
I really like this one, specially with this lightning !  

Let's go to Nakano Broadway~ 
This awesome shopping mall is right in front of the JRline station, and it doesn't seem that big !
Well, I can tell you it's full of pretty cool things !! Game centers, dolls/BJDs , vintage toys and collectibles, fashion, manga and anime, Ghibli originals (if I was rich they'll be mine), goodies, music, video-games... and even pictures of your favorite idols in panties! 
I remember we took a map of the place and I store it away with ALL the flyers we got in Tokyo...(really, ALL OF THEM. You know, I'm this kind of person who is usually moved with every piece of paper from aboard!). Maybe I should take some time (I don't really have) to scan a bunch of them! 

REI PACHINKO!! ♥ Of course, we stopped by almost ever game center we passed by!
I think I got my Care Bears hairbrush in this one, but no pictures of the UFOcatcher where I got the hairbrush. I was way to busy dreaming about brushing my hair with it. Silly me! 


Pretty Visuadolls in display in the first doll shop we passed by.
The grey-haired one was so pretty!!

Another game center, and this time I took some pictures!
Basically, it was all Pokemons, Line characters and RILAKKUMAS!

The mmts shop was adorable, I fell in love with that bag and the Tangled tshirt, and some pretty dresses, and and ... ♥

I love this ad! Apparently, it's from Kitune Akimoto/GiraPhant weird and catchy music. The other one is Nuigulumar Z poster with Shoko Nakagawa! I need to watch this movie, haha! ^^


Nakano Broadway was full of vintage toys stores!! *0*
Disney plushies, Care Bears, Polly Pockets, Furbys but also Star Wars collectibles, anime figuresand My Little Ponies !! ♥

I almost bought a Licca doll, they're so cute!! ♥
And I absolutely love their pink boxes, look at them ~
Also, Sylvaninan Families, Jewelpets and Sailor Moon !!
It felt like I was a 4 years old again, you know that feeling when you are in a marvelous toy store ?

I found a Dangerous World Tour poster, aaahha !! ♥
So pretty!

There's also a Maid Café called Kuroneco in Nakano Broadway! We didn't stopped by, but we went to the shop next to it, a Games Workshop ! All the figures were so well-painted~

A lot of cosplay stores, too !! So many Shingeki No Kyojin and Madoka related stuff in Tokyo by this time, my favorite were all the tiny cute titans!!

Don't mess with colossal-chan !

Madarake was one of my favortie shops there. In case you don't know them yet, Madarake is a chain of stores providing anime-manga related products like CDs, DVDs, used manga, collectibles, toys,  but also fan-drawn doujin,... They have various stores in this mall, each one is specialized in one kind of products. My kokoro beats so fast for the Pullip/Blythe one ♥
And next to this one was one full of BJDs. It's like Closet Child with dolls !!

See that silver box ? I bought that babe ♥ 
I never thought I'll found a Jupi for so cheap, and NRFB !
I don't  know if you're into Pullips, but I'm sure you can recognize some pretty models if you do ! 
My boyfriend got one Pullip (and that made me so happy), since he's a big Evangelion fan he bought Pullip Asuka (the one in the orange box)~
I almost bought the Fantastic Alice! There was also cute cutsom Pullips displayed !

I don't remember posting Pullip pictures here, well this have to change !! 
Maybe I have some in my drafts, I didn't took pictures since November, though. 


Poodle neon light !
I don't remember where it was, but I do remember I stopped to take a picture and I found myself alone for a few minutes, I freaked out!! The mall was such a labyrinth to me !!

This yellow alien caught my attention (seriously, look at his cute face), I stared at the shop until I had a clue about what kind of shop it was. Well, this shop was full of NSFW stuff and a lot of anime character's panties!

Like I told you in my previous post, so many emotions each time I saw FF X-2 ads in Tokyo!! 
This time, I met her in a retro-gaming store. We didn't stayed long inside cause **spoil alert** we planed to go to Super Potato very soon !~

Oh and Pays des Fées! ♥ 
The shop was pure love,  I didn't bought anything (saving money for later) but I wish I did !! 

We had our lunch in a ramen restaurant near the subway station, we went back to Mathieu's apartment and went back to the subway. We spent the afternoon in Odaiba! I forgot my phone at the apartment so no pictures but maybe I'll post some videos my boyfriend took there !!

Thank you for reading, 
see you and take care until next time ♥ 


  1. such a happy holiday like, every corner in japan is a must visit!and that rillakuma plushies are HEAVEN *_* <3 i wish i can visit japan this year..hehe~

    1. I still have a lot of pictures to upload! ^^
      I hope you'll be able to visit Japan very soon, it's an amazing country and I miss being there so much !~