Sunday, July 6, 2014

REPORT & HAUL: Angelic Pretty in Paris ♥

Hi everyone~

So today, was the last day of Angelic Pretty and Putumayo pop-up stores in Paris.
And as you may guess, I want them to come back next year (oh please!)
cause one week wasn't enough...

Pictures from their official websites
Inside the store, you could find AP's current prints such as Crystal Dream Carnival, Berry Garden, Wonder Queen, Dreamy Girl, Toy Drops, Wrapping Ribbon, Fantasy Theater, Magical Etoile and Cosmic. But not a single print-less dress like the beautiful Sugary Gingham or Aurora. 

I didn't bought anything from Putumayo, and I kind of regret this. A lot of items caught my eyes but I'm more into AP's style, anyway I really love their new tights and the full outfit Misako was wearing the first day! 

YES! Cause Misako worked as a shopgirl for Putumayo on the first day, I was so surprised to see her there! I knew she was coming to the tea party but I wasn't expecting to see her there ^^ 
Maki and Asuka were there too, it was a thrill too see the three of them during this week ♥

CDC in display

Close-up cause I love AP's typography, yup.

Maki and Asuka talking to the customers

And now, let's see what I bought this week...
Too many things, I tried to be reasonable but I failed...
On the opening day I only bought AP mook, cause they had some trouble with the card bank reader.
The day after, I went to the shop a few hours before the TP and I went mad, cause the last one Cosmic in pink was waiting for me ♥  
On Thursday, I bought a cute hair clip/brooch cause I was in the mood to buy more AP stuff.
And today was the last day so I had to buy something as I went to say goodbye, so cute socks!

AP SS 2014 Mook with Day Dream Carnival bag 

Cosmic Sailor JSK in pink

Twinkle Star Emblem Clip (Kirameki Star Emblem Clip)

Dot Marine Crew Socks in pink

I really hope that AP will comeback soon to Paris and maybe open a new store which will stay here like forever !!(*v*) Before leaving, one last pic with those amazing girls ♥ 
They're coming back to Japan tomorrow and I miss them already cause they're amazing!! 

Asuka, me, Ms Honda & Maki ♥

Right now, I'm kind of sad but also super super happy because of all this,
and because French Café's Garden Party is tomorrow~ 

See you ~ ♥ 

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