Thursday, July 17, 2014

MORE PICS: Angelic Pretty Paris ♥

/!\ All the pictures from this post are not mine, 
they're from the facebook page of KAWAII PATEEN /!\

Hi lovelies ~ ♥ 

This post is a picture post, and it's Angelic Pretty's pop-up store (again!) 
This time, the pictures are from the inside of the store, and as I write this post I can say I miss this store so much ♥ Plus, I'm in the south of France visiting my family now so I don't have much time to write about the Garden Party and AP's tea party, but I'll do it soon I promise (I'm such a bad baad blogger u____u") 
Ready for the pics ? 

Those cosmic OTKs **

I love this one so much ~ Remember? I told you I gave Maki and Asuka drawings I made of them ? 
Here is the pic ♥ 

See you~ ♥ 

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