Saturday, July 5, 2014

News & OOTD~♥

Hi guys~ ♥
If you follow me on instagram (link on the side bar), you may know that since last time I posted here I received two more AP dresses (Little Bear's Café & Sugary Carnival ♥)
And last Wednesday, just before going AP's tea party I bought another one, Cosmic ! This was totally unexpected ( I mean... I never thought I'll find a Cosmic here, and certainly not buying it!) but I went crazy, and it was the last one, and I fell in love and ... COMSIC !!
You'll see it soon cause I plan to wear it next monday, for French Café's Garden Party~ ♫

Harajuku Mode (AP and Putumayo stores) is closing tomorrow...
I feel so happy they came to my town yet so sad cause the week has passed so quickly !! 
I mean, I hardly realize how AMAZING this week have been! 
Getting to know Maki and Asuka, talk with them almost every day,
and meet Misako several times; all this seems unreal ♥
I'll make a post about the store and the Tea Party/Fashion Walk soon!
(I need to edit and steal some pictures)

So today I went (once again) to AP/Putumayo to give Maki, Asuka and Misako drawings I made of them!
Sadly, Misako wasn't here, but the shop staff kindly took my drawing to give it to her after. 
Maki and Asuka seemed so happy, and I'm sure at this moment I was blushing so so much
and I was even more happy ♥ 
This was my outfit for today~
(Oh and YES, pink hair is back!)

Hat: H&M
Blouse: Zara
Salopette: Angelic Pretty
Brooch: Angelic Pretty
Socks: H&M kids
Shoes: Bodyline
Accessorizes: Barbie, offbrand 

See you ♥ 


  1. Oh! I was so happy to see you have a blog, I will absolutely wait to hear about trip and the events. It seems it's been a busy week in Paris!

    Your outfit is so cute, too! You wear the salopette well ♥

  2. Thank you~ ♥ I'll do my best !
    It is! And I only went to a few events ^^