Saturday, April 19, 2014

♥ EVENT : Angelic Pretty & Putumayo in Paris this summer !! ♥

Hi guys! How are you today ? ♥
I'm super super happy and exited !!
Did you eared that ?

Yesterday, PUTUMAYO announced they'll open a 
           near the Opera in July !! 

And today... Angelic Pretty announced pretty much the same thing !! 
A limited pop-up store, a tea party and both AP and PUTUMAYO will settle  the center of Paris, Opera Palais Royal !!
You may not know but I'm a hardcore fan of AP ♥ 
I don't own lot of items but my love for their prints is nearly desperate, they fill my heart with all their 
sweet, candy-ish, colorful, super cute motifs !!   

Does other brands will announce their pop-up store and TP? 
Is this a part of the Cool Japan program ?
The sad part is AP and PUTUMAYO's TP will probably take place at the same time ... 
If I get a chance, I would go to both of them !! 
Yet my heart goes with Angelic Pretty ♥ 
I wasn't able to attend to any of their previous TP in Paris, so this is an unexpected opportunity !!
  Now I cross my fingers and pray for the TP not be on 7th of July,
cause that's the day of the French Café's Graden Party and I already have my ticket  !

This summer is gonna be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious !! 
Too much emotion for my sweet kokoro  ... ♥

♥ Thank you for reading ♥ 

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