Friday, April 18, 2014


Hi guys!! ♥ How are you ? 
Today I'm gonna tell you about one of my fashion crushes of the past moths : KOKOkim ♥ 
I first ran into this magical and new brand last september, during Tokyo Crazy Kawaii
when I had the chance to meet her ♥ 
The brand motto is “Moehara” : Moe stands for  cutesy and young(in and anime way) 
mixed with Harajuku style.

KOKOkim was created by the pinky and adorable Kimura U.
You've already seen her a lot browsing Kera's pages, or in Angelic Pretty's photoshoots 
or on Galaxxxy's website cause she's a well known Harajuku fashion model.

Kimura U modeling her own brand

Besides being a model, she's also an illustrator and since 2009 she has been appointed Kawaii Ambassador 
by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs !!

KOKOkim x Glad News

KOKOkim stated last year with a collaboration with Glad News,
the thing worked well so a KOKOkim store has now opened in Shibuya 109 !!  

What I love about KOKOkim is this harajuku-pastelish mixed look, very soft, much cute wow ♥ 
I wish I could grab some KOKOkim items and add them to my 
tiny wardrobe soon !!

♥ Thank you for reading ♥

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