Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Afternoon in Paris with Mathilde ♥ +NEW HAIR

Hi dears ♥ 
How are you ?  I am super tired haha !! 
Anyway, I had a wonderful week-end: on saturday I spent the afternoon with Mathilde-senpai, 
we're in the same school and she take care of me since I'm in my first year there!

So we met at the metro and went straight to Princess Crepe -yummy♫-
We enjoyed our crepes so much that we forgot to take a pic before eating them... 
Oh! Mister Sawada was here and when Mathilde-senpai told him we were going to Baby after,
 he seemed very happy ^^ 

This was my very first time in Baby's Parisian shop,
I've been to their shop in LaForet Harajuku but never to the one they have in my own town...
Yeah I know, I'm such a shame....

I bought my very first Baby item,
not a big and expensive one but I'm very happy tho !!

We took some pictures in Baby' ♥
Rin chan's Tinker Bell Cuffs Pink x Ivory

They match a lot of dresses/clothing I already have and I'm deeply inlove with them ♥ 
I wanted a pair of wirst cuffs for so long 
and this ones can be coordinated quite easily !!
I'm working on some outfits 
We went to Anecdote — axes femme too, the new collection is so beautiful !!
I wish I could buy everything !! 
( The beautiful shop included )

After that, we rushed to the Kawaii Café to eat again and drink and talk a lot too !!
You know, eating ramen and cocktails as afternoon snack ...
Another one ~♥ 

 And on sunday, I bought my ticket for French Café's Garden Party
just have to wait for my payment confirmation now.
Guys, did I told you how exited am I about this ? 
I can't wait!!  ~♫ 
ALSO, my half-dyed hair is now purple yay !! 

♥ Thank you for reading ♥

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