Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Afternoon in Pyramides: Little Tokyo

Hi gummy bears ♥
The other day, I went (once again) to what we can call Little Tokyo with my firends.
Little Tokyo is near the Louvre, this area is called Pyramides... needless to say, I ADORE this place ♥

This part of the city does not look anything like the real Tokyo but once inside some of the shops we find here, sure it reminded me a lot my trip to Japan ♥
I think my favorite shop of Little Tokyo is the library, J-music, video-games, fu*ckload of magazines and books, second-hand items (which means cheaaaap!!♪)  and AW everything looks so cute *o*

The groceries we find there are a bit kombini-ish too by the way they are arranged!! What I love most is all those cute and colorful candies and drinks (no pic atm sorry >  <)
I can't just enter the store and go back without having purchased something...
 I just can't help it  (ಥ⌣ಥ)

Everytime I miss Tokyo so bad or I'm a bit gloomy I step into the metro straight to Pyramides!!  (n v n)

Oh and by the way... It's been a while since we came back from Tokyo
omgjhkhlg why we came back ?! and I haven't really  posted about it sorry 
neither I've finished editing all the pics ...
Now that I have a proper blog, I'm uber motivated SO I'M GONNA DO IT OK ?! 

♥~Thank you for reading~ ♥

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