Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Princess Crepe: a bit of Harajuku-ish sweet in Paris ♥

Hi gummy bears ~♫
Today my friend Kangju (who is in Paris for a few days) & I went to Princess Crepe !! 
Maybe you don't know this tiny shop located in le Marais, near lots of coll vintage clothing shops
and filled with lots of street art too ♥ This shop is one of the cutest of all Paris !! 
The inside and outside are both pinky with a lot of little hearts and cute decorations !!
If one day you're in the french capital and you're wanting to 
eat someting sweet and cute, please go to Princess Crepe (n_____n)

We ate those yummilicious crepes while sharing memories about Tokyo and Harajuku ♥
oh nostalgia I think I'm gonna cry (; v ;) What a perfect place for it !!
Princess Crepe give you that warm feeling of cuteness overload which it felt when I was in Tokyo,
in need to go more often to this shop haha (ಠ◡ಠ)"

 Kangju was also taking a pic of our crepes, she's a cutie !! 
And we also talked a little with the shop staff about Japan and what we like about Japanese culture, where we have been,... those girls are so cute and kind ( ^ 0 ^ )/
One of them asked us of for a pic for their facebook page, and then she took a pic of us with my instax camera !!

♥ Here is the pic ♥
Crappy pics and ugly face but here is my ootd ~♫ 
After that we walked through the Marais and visited some lovely clothing shops... 

Salopette: Angelic Pretty Toy Parade
Blouse and cardigan: Zara
OTKs : offbrand 
Shoes: Creamy Mami 
Accesoires: Strawberry Planet

Thanks to  Kangju for this afternoon ♥
and thank you for reading ♥ 

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