Wednesday, March 5, 2014


♪ ootd in the metro ♪
so sad that I lost one of those mint flowers today

shoes: Bodyline
skirt: Atmosphere
jumper: New Yorker
bag and accesoires: H&M 

Today I went shopping in Paris with a friend. 
We met each other next to the Opera, my friend was with her cousin and she asked me
for a pic so my friend laughed saying I was I dunno kinda fluffy ? 
I was very happy to see her, it seems like we haven"t seen each other for a while but no...
Last time I saw her was friday, at school. When I'm in holiday I kinda lose
all sense of time  (n v n)''

I had to go to Sephora to buy a new bottle of Fame by Lady Gaga ( I rly love this fragrance !!), 
then we stopped by H&M and I found those leggings ♥

♪ today's trophies ♪

Those perfect leggings, cause they're STAR WARS LEGGINGS!! 
They will be perfect for the Star Wars Identities expo!!

On my way back home, I made a tiny detour through the Fnac to buy Bravely Default to my boyfie and a new sketchbook (you know, I'm the kind of person who goes crazy when they buy art supplies: markers, pencils, paint, sketchbooks omg DO YOU EVER LOOK AT SKETCHBOOKS ?!) for me when suddenly... 

I ran into a big shelf full of Disney movies ♥ I picked the Little Mermaid, one of my absolute favorites !! Since I live by my own (with my boyfirend haha ♥) I decided to start a decent Disney movies collection !!

Now I'm sorry but I got a Disney movie to watch... ♥

Thank you for reading ~ ♫
-French version coming soon-
I was waaay to lazy sorry not sorry 

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