Sunday, August 6, 2017

Breakfast at Chloé S. cupcakes !

A few weeks ago, just after Roxane arrived to stay at home with me for a while
We decided to have a nice day together, starting by have some delicious (and overly pink) breakfast ♥
It's been a while since I wanted to try this adorable cupcake shop so this was the perfect occasion !

You might have eared about Chloé S. Cupcakes, in Pigalle, and I can say it was up to it's reputation! 
Luckily enough, we were the only ones enjoying the tea room on that morning and I can say we really enjoyed the place (yes, we took a thousand pictures)...

I mean, the place is almost entirely pink with a lovely fifties twist and delicious cupcakes all over the bar! It's quite small though but I guess most people order take away? 

Well, as you might imagine, we didn't. We stayed where the pink is cause we were fitting-in pretty good! Besides, that day Roxane and I were wearing sweets and pastries themed dresses, so eh~

Roxane and I went both for a chocolate raspberry and a chocolate kinder cupcakes with a jasmin tea for me!
The tableware was all gingham and/or pink, how cute! ♥

At first I was tempted to order three cupcakes but believe, two was already a lot to be honest! 

The chocolate raspberry one was definitely my favorite 

(Sorry, I only have a crappy phone picture of our table)


I really love all the details on the shelves behind the bar, 
cute tableware and event a tiny Cheshire cat ♥ 

The place was indeed exactly how you would imagine a pink cupcake shop,
and I was so happy the whole time we were there (probably was I high on sugar as well).
Also, the nice shop girl didn't get mad at us for taking thousand pictures and wandering around her shop, I'm really grateful cause we might have been quite annoying in fact!

After filling our bellies, we decided to go to the Musée de la vie Romantique which was nearby but this will be the subject of another post~ 

BONUS! Here is a gif of myself probably high on sugar!

See you soon and 
take care until next time ♥ 

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