Saturday, March 7, 2015

♥ EVENT : Btssb 8th anniversary tea party ♥

On Sunday 22nd, the day right after LVER, Street Fashion Europe and French Café hosted a Baby the Stars Shine Bright tea party to celebrate the 8th anniversary of their Parisian shop. 
The tea party took place in Fauchon, at Place de la Madelaine.

Like for LVER, a lot of lolitas from many countries went to the event and 
Masumi Kanoh and Mr. Isobe were here too !! (Silly me, I forgot to take a picture with them  TToTT)
They booth seemed very happy to be part of the tea party !!

The tea party started around 14:00 and when I arrived at 13:45 there was already a lot of pretty lolitas queuing outside Fauchon. I saw a few friends there, Rosaylnn was already filming ! ♥ 
Right after, Mathilde arrived too and soon after we entered inside ! 
I was so happy to finally enjoy a tea party with her !! ♥ 

Somehow, we ended sitting with Marie, Diana, Vief and Ann-So and Babi and Kaie were here too !!
They didn't stayed long but I was really happy to be able to see them again ♥

Every participant got a little bag with a present form Baby and a Loputyn postcard inside,
I'll post some pictures of them in my next post with my LVER haul.

As the tea party began with a little speech form the staff food and drinks appeared !
I decided to drink a delicious orange juice and a (fatty fat) hot chocolate, 
both were absolutely delicious !

We also got some delicious macarons and éclairs, I was so impressed when they served the pastries !
Everything was so pretty, lovely colors and yummy-looking ♥ 
After, we also got some chocolate and hazelnuts mignardises. Everybody started eating, talking, taking pictures and having some fun ! 

At one point of the tea party, everybody was writing some valentines. Yes, like they did for their Garden Party, French Café prepared a Valentine booth for everyone to spread some love ♥ 
I wish I had written one for everybody ! 
Maybe next time I'll write some at home and just throw them on everyone 8D
Well, I'm way too shy to do this, but still ! 
I'm so shy I didn't spoke to everyone I wanted to speak with, I'll do my best next time !

I didn't won anything during the raffle,
but things happened ...

Somehow I got kidnapped by Babi and Kaie !!
Thanks Marie for this picture (yes I stole it from her, I have no shame) ♥ 

Soon after the raffle was already time to say good-bye... 
But not for long because a few hours after 
some of us met in a bar for a kind of after-party !! 8D 
(So much fun but too bad I had to left early because school on monday) 

We took a group picture before leaving, being outside without a coat was so cold !
Picture by Chung Hee Jee, he took a lot a pictures for the event. Please, check it out!

A tea party post wouldn't be complete without some outfit pictures so
here are some pretty people outfits !!
I wish I took more outfit pictures,like at least one
of every single person because everybody was perfect ! ♥

Rosalynn, cute as a magical girl! ♥ 
I love her magic wand (with an hidden Baby logo!) so much ! 

Lunie-chan was perfect! 
Cute and fluffy as always ♥

Anastassia ! ♥
I was so happy to met her,
we both modeled for Syrup and it was exiting to share the back-stages with her !

My dear Mathilde-lovu ♥
Such perfection, this print suits her so much !

And here is my outfit for the tea party !

JSK : Btssb
Blouse : Zara
Tights : Offbrand
Wirstcuffs : Btssb 
Necklace : Syrup.
Headdress : Miss Danger
Shoes : An*Tai*Na

See you soon and
much love on you ♥


  1. Oh wow! Everything looks so great! I'm so happy you had an amazing time. You look so sweet in that Baby dress, and your hair is magnificent!! <3