Tuesday, October 21, 2014

♥ Sweet Girl Room in Paris ♥

After receiving my Sweet Girl Room OP, my dear friend Flora agreed to help me with a photoshoot to celebrate my love for Sweet Girl Room~   

I'm glad she accepted and I can't wait for next photoshoot (I already have a lot of ideas !!)  
So we went to Paris and ended near le Palais Royal once again. It was inevitable cause, as I told you before, the whole neighborhood is so charming !! ♥ 

We walked through the several galeries around there and took pictures almost everywhere !! 
So yes, that's one of the maaany reasons why this post comes so late: 
too much pictures and not enough time (x____x")
Oh and one other thing, I miss my pink hair a lot! I can't wait to re-dye hair !!

Here comes the outfit rundown! ~ 
Since the Sweet Girl Room print features cute black little cats, 
I went with a kitty theme ! 

OP: Angelic Pretty
Accessorizes: Claire's, off-brand and vintage
Socks: H&M kids
Shoes: T.U.K.

We took a buch of pics inside Galerie Colbert and then we moved to Galerie Vivienne  
(oh Galerie Vivienne, such memories ♥ )
There, I found some old and gorgeous books. I had to open them and read a bit !

Don't ask me why

Thank you for reading,
see you!! ♥ 


  1. J'avais raison ! Tu es adorable, ces photos sont vraiment chou. : 3

  2. Very Very cute outfit, I love the design ^___^

    Your hair is amazing, very doll-like !!! Super cute!

    恵美より ♥

    1. Thank you ♥
      I can't wait to re-dye my hair in pink ~