Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Matchy-matchy Candy Ribbon ♥

Oh well, I'm super late as always, right?

I've wanted to post this article since the very moment when we took the pictures but I didn't.
No. Instead, the pictures have been sleeping in my hard drive, waiting to be edited...
So, something like six months after, here's the post~

Back in May, when in Amsterdam for SFE's Under The Sea event (btw, I can't wait for the next one), Roxane and I bought two dresses from RoseMarie Seoir with matching Candy Ribbon print!
Right after the main event was over, we decided to go take some pictures in Amsterdam because why not!

After having some rest (and talking a lot) we went out once again!
We were only a few blocks from a beautiful canal so we decided to take some pictures there.
On our way to the canal, we walked into Tro-tro, Sandra and Lou ♥
They were heading to a restaurant to have diner. We talked for a while right in the middle of the sidewalk... or was it the bicycle path? Who knows, Amsterdam you're so full of tricks and dangers! And they invited us to join them right after taking our pictures~

I was wearing:
OP : RoseMarie Seoir,
Otks : offbrand
Shoes : H&M
Earrings : RoseMarie Seoir (Syrup)
Accessories: gifts and vintage

Sad faces because the event was over. Also, we tried picturing our lives without 
our freshly bought matching dresses, way too hard...

(Yes, I went crazy with the editing. Fancy frames, RoseMarie Seoir style and all! )

Matchy-match, oh dear I miss you ♥

And so, after that we headed to the restaurant and joined Tro-Tro, Sandra and Lou.
Food was great, drinks were great and company was excellent ♥ 
I remember Lou braided my hair, thank you ! Yes, this was such a nice evening 

See you soon and 
take care until next time ♥ 

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  1. those matching dresses are adorable together.... *squeal* I'm so in love with that OP and the print is so gorgeous!!!! omg you must have had such a wonderful time!