Wednesday, March 2, 2016

♥ Ladurée x Yuko Higuchi ♥

A few days ago, Ladurée finally released their collaboration with Yuko Higuchi here in France!
Her art is so pretty and it matches perfectly the Ladurée color palette, aaah.

Yesterday I had to wait for almost two hours for my flight at the airport so I took advantage of the situation and went to Ladurée to grab one of those precious boxes and some macarons~
Also, since I was about to fly back to my parents' I could share those sweets with them ♥

Can you spot the boxes?~

I'm so happy Ladurée released this collection in France too. When I saw the first pictures on the internet I was pretty sure it was a Japan exclusive collection since it was like a "White Day" special but luckily, I was wrong! 

I really wanted to get the lavender but once I saw the boxes in the store it became so difficult to pick one! I finally got the one I wanted in the first place so I chose 6 macarons to fill it.
I went for chocolate (of course), raspberry, rose, salted caramel, lemon aaand strawberry candy "guimauve"~

I love all those cute rabbits and the color combinations on this box!
To be honest I had no idea on what to do with it, I just needed one in my life.
Yes, I know it's just a box but it's an ADORABLE BOX, RIGHT ?
Maybe I'll use it as a pencil case, it seems to be just the right size to store my favorite drawing supplies so I couldn't be happier~ 

See you soon and 
take care until next time ♥ 

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