Sunday, January 18, 2015

♥ FLASHBACK : Tokyo (Part 5) ♥

Day 5 : Pokémon Center, Skytree Tower and New Year Eve!

December 31st started with a breakfast at Saint-Marc café and then, we headed to...
I've always wanted to go to a Pokémon Center, even if the Tokyo-Bay one is not the biggest ( the Mega Tokyo one wasn't open yet!) I really enjoyed it ! 

Giant Pikachu (Sugary Carnival tote bag spotted!~)
OK, are you ready ?

Basically, it was Pokémons everywhere, plushies everywhere !!
We spent so much time walking around like crazy, trying to decide on what to buy!
And yes, we bought a lot of plushies!
First, every Eeevee evolutions, some pins/buttons, patches for our clothes, a cute pencil case for me and more plushies !!



We went to visit the Skytree Tower too, but we didn't climbed to the top since we didn't had enough time. There's a huge mall at the foot of the Skytree called Tokyo Solamachi, in the "Tokyo Skytree Town" but also an aquarium, offices and academic institutes! 


I went crazy for the Rilakkuma store. Yes, I am so weak when it comes to this cute little bear-suit or whatever it really is !! I wanted to buy EVERYTHING, but I only got a Rilakkuma shaped bottle I still use almost every day ♥

There was too many people around the Q-pot booth/shop  so, luckily for my wallet, we didn't stopped by (I still need to buy a tons of things from their webshop *3* )
Behold, here comes pictures with Rilakkumas everywhere! 8D

We stopped by a kind of terrace to admire the view and we had to come back to the apartment since we had a appointment later, we were going to celebrate the New Year Eve with Mathieu and his friends in a typical Tokyo-style !~  

I am very good at taking useless pictures, like the following one. 
"Oh a cute rabbit on an add I can't even read! Let's stop walking in a place I don't  even know (and let's empathize the fact that I am totally unable to read anything there!) and people are walking around me like crazy. YES! I THINK I SHOULD STOP TO TAKE A PICTURE OF A PINK RABBIT!
Needless to say, I almost got lost but now I can enjoy a picture of this cute rabbit on a bicycle forever (and yes, I went to their website) !  \( ̄▽ ̄;)/

Hi Andy~ (Another useless picture, yes).

We met at the restaurant, a tasty Okonomiyaki house !
It was my first time eating Okonomiyaki and I loved it! The only bad point was too much heat.
Anyway, the food was delicious and I specially enjoyed the dessert: a crepe made with the okonomiyaki dough with Meiji chocolate and anko (red bean paste, like the one inside the Daifukus)!!

We walked to Zoujou-ji temple in Shiba Park to wait for the countdown! The temple was crowded, everyone was waiting to reach the temple to make a prayer, there was a old Japanese lady next to me and it was funny how eager she was to pray!
The view was so pretty, we could see the lights of the Tokyo Tower surrounded by the lights of the buildings! All together with the temple and all the lanterns around here!
And as the new year started, 2014 appeared on the Tokyo Tower~

We ended the celebration in a karaoke but the only pictures we have are not very glorious... 
We got back home around 5 or 6 in the morning, walking across the streets (and of course, we stopped by Mister Donuts to have some donuts). I never felt so safe and comfortable in the streets by this time, I miss this feeling.

2014 was starting well, and well it was about to carry on! ♥

Thank you for reading, 
take care until next time ♥ 

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