Saturday, December 27, 2014

♥ Cool kids in Paris, meet-up with Kammie! ♥

The only crappy picture I took there...

Last Saturday (and early sunday morning) was so fun !! Mila planned a special meet-up with Kammie, who was coming from the USA! I joined the group (Mila, Marie, Tro-Tro, Sandra and Kammie) during the afternoon, they were queuing to enter the catacombs !!
Luckily, I was late so I didn't had to wait too much! 8D

This was my very first time in the Parisian catacombs! I tried to take pictures, but my phone sucks maybe was he too scared to take a proper picture? Any way, I'm planing to comeback with my camera to take lots of pictures!! Walking around under Paris felt like we were in a real life video game. I'm pretty sure I'll be way too scared if I was walking around alone!! 

We also went to Deyrolle, what a pretty place! Deyrolle is a taxidermy shop/museum which looks like a cabinet of curiosities in the Saint-Germain neighborhood.
I defelinely need to go there with more time to sketch pretty things! 
I wonder if I should start a butterfly collection ?
No pictures allowed inside, so have crappy phone-pictures of the front of the shop! 

After that, Kammie's friend Michael and Zoé joined us for dinner ...
RACLETTE TIME!! 8D Sandra had to leave us after this delicious meal but
Mathilde-senpai joined us !! ♥


We spent the major part of our time at Kawaii Café drinking too much, playing Cards Agaist Humanity (regular version mixed with the lolita one)
Sweet Kammie gifted us with Hello Kitty temporary tattoos from the HelloKittyCon, cute squishy keychains/straps (I got a cute Korilakkuma one, I bet she noticed how much I love San-X's cute bears~) and the most perfect hand-made Gizmo plush head (haaa I'm in love ♥ )

Thank you Kammie ♥ 

Kawaii Café has a real-life blue filter, so dreamy 8D  
Mila is such a good tattoo artist 8D

We took some instax memories! ♥ 

My last Little Twin Stars film had to be special ♥

Lovu lovu~ 

I'm dying over Kammie's cuteness!! 

Midnight stuck and so it was my birthday~ !! 
We improvised a little something,  I'm so happy we got to celebrate my birthday together ♥ 
I had a delicious chocolate hazelnuts cake with a cute candle! 


We stayed at Kawaii Café until it closed, then we headed to another bar in the neighborhood. Kammie and Michael couldn't leave Paris without tasting absinthe 8D

Thank you for reading,
see you soon~ ♥ 

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